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6th December 2020

It's always great to see a book I've worked on published in another language. Doors to Darkness, a Call of Cthulhu collection of adventures edited by
Brian M. Sammons
, is now available in Spanish! With contributions by: Brian M. Sammons,
Christopher Smith Adair
Brian Courtemanche
Glynn Owen Barrass
, Kevin Ross and Tom Lynch.

3rd December 2020

At the printer! An Eldritch Legacy, edited by Brian M. Sammons and Oscar Rios of Golden Goblin Press. It is about six cousins from across Lovecraft county (Arkham, Innsmouth, Dunwich, and Kingsport) growing up in legend-haunted places and dealing with sanity smashing horrors. This book is a collection of six novellas.

Dreams and Nightmares by Peter Rawlik
Warden of the Dark God by Glynn Owen Barrass
Separate Lives by Christine Morgan
A Dark Legacy by Brian M. Sammons
George Weedon and the Secret of Infinite Horizons by Lee Clark Zumpe
Blood and the Turning of the Tide by Oscar Rios!/Fiction-Products/c/14026709

9th November 2020

Coming soon! Between Twilight and Dawn, edited by Brian M. Sammons for Golden Goblin Press.
It features my Cassandra Bane story, "Sharpe Shaver."

Table of Contents
TUMSHIEHEID by William Meikle
FORGETTING by Richard Lee Byers
MARY IN THE MIRROR by Christine Morgan
SHARPE SHAVER by Glynn Owen Barrass
RACE ROCKS by Paula R. Stiles
GRAVEYARD SHIFT by Brian M. Sammons
UNCLE CRAIG’S WAKE by Konstantine Paradias
BLACK JACK by Lee Clark Zumpe
WHISKEY, BEANS AND DUST by John Linwood Grant

31st October 2020

Soon available from Dark Regions Press! Tales From Arkham Sanitorium, edited by Brian M. Sammons. It features my story "Red Hook."

26th August 2020

Out now! Including what I think is one of my best Cassandra Bane tales: Ronkonkoma.

The 43rd issue of Weirdbook, under the editorship of Doug Draa, presents new tales of fantasy and horror in the grand Weird Tales tradition. Included this time are:

Short Stories:

An American Story, by Darrell Schweitzer

Impervious to Reason, Oblivious to Fate, by John R. Fultz

The River, by Sharon Cullars

Taking Out the Trash, by by D.C. Lozar

Arthur Wardrobe And Asia Anastacia: A Love Story, by Andrew Darlington

Snack Time, by Franklyn Searight

Godlike, by Edward Morris and Konstantine Paradias

Ronkonkoma, by Glynn Owen Barrass

The Fury of Angels, by Adrian Cole

Keisha's Dinosaur, by Nicole Givens Kurtz

Will Home Remember Me?, by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

You're Gonna Love This Song, by Michael S. Walker

Frozen Time, by Rivka Jacobs

Lucien Greyshire and the Ghost from Applebee's, by L.F. Falconer

Plus a file selection of poetry by Jeff Barnes, Maxwell I. Gold, Neva Bryan, Ashley Dioses, K.A. Opperman, Ann K.Schwader, W.D. Clifton, Ngo Binh Anh Khoa, Chad Hensley, Frederick J. Mayer, and Gregg Chamberlain

2nd August 2020

I love it when books I've worked on appear as foreign language editions. And here we have Doors To Darkness (Wrota Ciemności) for Call of Cthulhu translated into Polish.


Wrota ciemności to pięć scenariuszy napisanych specjalnie dla początkujących Strażników Tajemnic i graczy Zewu Cthulhu. Znajdziecie tutaj horror, tajemnicę, śledztwo, straszliwe potwory, niezwykłą magię, zapomniane sekrety i wiele wskazówek dotyczących tego, jak poprowadzić przygody, aby osiągnąć najlepszy efekt.

Ciemność pod wzgórzem

Renowacja domu znajomego prowadzi do nieoczekiwanych odkryć w Providence w stanie Rhode Island.

Genius loci

Coś złego dzieje się w Stanowym Szpitalu Psychiatrycznym w Danvers. Badacze będą musieli odpowiedzieć na rozpaczliwą prośbę o pomoc nadesłaną przez przyjaciela.

Sługi jeziora

Poszukiwanie zaginionej osoby prowadzi do ujawnienia starożytnych tajemnic w głuszy na północ od Kingsport.

Nierozerwalne więzi

W cennej fontannie pani Carrington znaleziono niezwykłe formacje skalne. Nikt jeszcze nie widział takich okazów!

Nigdy więcej Czerni

Śmierć studenta z Uniwersytetu Miskatonic zaprowadzi Badaczy w podejrzaną okolicę i w sam środek ciemnych interesów.

W podręczniku znajduje się także dziesięć gotowych zróżnicowanych postaci Badaczy, co pozwala graczom od razu zgłębić tajemnice Wrót ciemności. Scenariusze zostały napisane z myślą o nowych graczach, ale nie oczekujcie, że będą one łatwe, lekkie i przyjemne! Ten, kto odważy się otworzyć wrota ciemności, odkryje skrywane za nimi sekrety i niebezpieczeństwa!

Podręcznik zawiera napisany przez Kevina Rossa esej zawierający liczne, niezwykle pomocne sugestie i porady dotyczące prowadzenia sesji w Zew Cthulhu.

Aby w pełni skorzystać z tego zbioru scenariuszy, niezbędny jest egzemplarz Księgi Strażnika.

12th July 2020

I am very proud to announce my appearance in this upcoming anthology, Tales of Cthulhu Invictus Britannia. Edited by Brian M. Sammons & Oscar Rios.

Beautiful cover and interior title page illustrations by Alberto Guerra.

Available soon from Golden Goblin Press!

Table of Contents

Green Water by Andi Newton

The Hounds of the Dawn by Willie Meikle

Matched Pairs by Joshua M. Reynolds

The Ruins at Raven’s Rock by Glynn Owen Barrass

Knockers Down Below by Konstantine Paradias

The Isle of The White Lady by Ed Erdelac

A Layer of Ash by Oscar Rios

The Island of the Gathoga by Peter Rawlik

Mothers of Flesh and Fire by John Linwood Grant

Bill of Goods by William Adcock

Their Vulgar Pedigree by Lee Clark Zumpe

Blood of the Woods by Morgan Llewellyn

Wrath of the Kelpie by Francesca McMahon

24th April 2020

From the Chaosium Licensee Focus: "Our friends at Stygian Fox have a new bundle on DrivethruRPG of their most popular Cthulhu by Gaslight titles. The total value of the bundle is $30.80, but costs $20.00, a saving of 35%."
It features my Spring-Heeled Jack adventure 'Eyes Like Red Balls of Flame'!

The Essential Stygian Fox Cthulhu by Gaslight Bundle contains: 
- Hudson & Brand: Inquiry Agents of the Obscure sourcebook 
- Spring-Heeled Jack adventure 'Eyes Like Red Balls of Flame' 
- Spirits of London, a ghostly sourcebook 
- The Thirteen, a sourcebook detailing the Immortals of London 
- Cartomancy 22: 50 Berkeley Square, a map of the most haunted house in Britain's capital 
- A Lens of Darkness, a play-aid resource booklet for Hudson & Brand.

13th April 2020

"My name is Nikolaus Holzel, commander of the space vehicle Tryphena . . . We are dead or dying now . . . Some of us something in-between."

I am very proud to announce the release of my new Call of Cthulhu scenario. “Salo’s Glory” is a science fiction micro-setting for 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu.

Here you will find mysteries to solve and terrors to confront, set upon derelict space vehicles and a strange alien planetoid.

Available exclusively from Stygian Fox’s Patreon, and available to everyone at a later date.

Stygian Fox are creating RPG Materials and books. For as little as $2 a month you get access to the monthly scenario PDF in full colour!

17th March 2020

Lovecraftiana The Magazine of Eldritch Horror. Volume 4.4. Candlemas 2020 By Rogue Planet Press.

Features my Colonial Cthulhu story "Eternity." Inspired by both John Carpenter's The Thing and Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness.

96 pages of Cthulhuvian thrills from the modern day heirs of the Lovecraftian legacy!…/lovec…/paperback/product-24414632.html

7th March 2020

The Darkness Over Eaglescar, my new scenario from Stygian Fox Press. Available exclusively from their Patreon, it will be available to download and in print for everyone at a later date.The Patreon is $2.00 for the Bronze tier, and for this you get a full colour scenario every month!

The Darkness Over Eaglescar

The year is 1999, the setting: the town of Eaglescar in eastern England. A woman, calling herself  Eleanor X, has been indoctrinating people into a New Age cult named the Vox Machina. The cult has been using meditation and hallucinogenic drugs to supposedly break the boundaries of reality and explore the realms beyond. Eleanor X has a far darker purpose, however. Her goal is to sacrifice the minds of her cult to a race of parasitic entities also named the Vox Machina. A friend of one of the investigators has contacted them, worried about her daughter Cassandra. The girl recently joined Eleanor X’s cult, and it is up to the investigators to save her and put an end to Eleanor X’s plans.

This scenario is suitable for around four players and can be completed in two nights. Both the time period and the location are flexible, and changes can be made with minimal tweaks.

1st March 2020

Now available! Eyes Like Red Balls Of Flame is my adventure for use with Stygian Fox's Call of Cthulhu™ book 'Hudson & Brand, Inquiry Agents of the Obscure'.

It features a mystery that began in the foggy streets of 1837 London, the haunting legend of the fearful entity known as Spring-Heeled Jack! In this scenario, the Investigators find themselves in a cat and mouse game of death against a cunning, ruthless foe of supernatural origin.

25th February 2020

Out now in paperback! A new Lovecraftian anthology based in the 1960s from the editors behind World War Cthulhu: A Collection of Lovecraftian War Stories! Published by Dark Regions Press. Edited by Brian M. Sammons and Glynn Owen Barrass.


Night Trippers by Lois H. Gresh

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Sullivan by Lee Clark Zumpe

Dreamland by David Dunwoody

Lost In the Poppy-Fields of Flesh by Konstantine Paradias

Five To One by Edward M. Erdelac

Keeping the Faith by Sam Stone

Mud Men by Sean Hoade

Misconception by Jamie D. Jenkins

No Colors Anymore by Joe L. Murr

Operation Alice by Pete Rawlik

Shimmer and Sway by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

Short Wave by Stephen Mark Rainey

The Song that Crystal Sang by Tom Lynch

Through a Looking Glass Darkly by Glynn Owen Barrass and Brian M. Sammons

The Color from the Deep by William Meikle

The Long Fine Flash by Edward Morris

The Summer of Love by C.J. Henderson

Just Another Afternoon in Arkham, Brought to You in Living Color by Mark McLaughlin and Michael Sheehan, Jr.

Crystal Blue Persuasion by Jeffrey Thomas

9th February 2020

Now available! The hardcover, Premium Color Book edition of my Call of Cthulhu scenario "Nightmare on the Necropolis Express," from Stygian Fox. Available to buy from Full of color illustrations, it's in a beautiful digest format.

Nightmare on the Necropolis Express is a one-night scenario for the Cthulhu by Gaslight setting for the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game published by Chaosium, Inc, edited by Chitin Proctor, and written by Glynn Owen Barrass and with art by Stephanie McAlea and Jon Gibbons.

This adventure deals with a troubling haunting on the train that takes London's dead to their final resting place at Brookwood cemetery. The gravesmen are troubled and frightened. Will the Investigators add to their fears or dispel them? As such, please be aware that some of the themes are quite mature and are suitable for Gamers who are at least of young adult age and maturity.

4th December 2019

I'm very proud to announce my Call of Cthulhu scenario 'The Foulness Island Vanishings' will be published by Stygian Fox! Exclusive to the Patreon and available in print later. 

"What stirs on Foulness Island? Everyone is on alert during wartime and while the initial worry maybe Nazi spies, signs point to something... older and darker."

28th October 2019


This anthology includes my sequel to H.P.Lovecraft's The Whisperer in DarknessTwilight of the Gods.


Ancestors & Descendants, a new anthology! Paperback / PDF, direct or via Amazon. 17 Lovecraftian tales of past, present and future…

Details at


The Events at Exham Priory   Robert Poyton    

A Brief Delay on the Road to San Bernardino   B Harlan Crawford

Sympathetic Vibrations  Lee Clark Zumpe       

His Last Summer    Russell Smeaton     

Portrait of the Artist  Frank Coffman        

The Acquisition of Mariah Lieberman   Peter Rawlik     

The Shadow Over America   John Houlihan     

Crepitus   Mark Jenkins       

Whatever Happened to Bobby Lee?  Eduardo Peret   

Bad Dream   Chris Halliday     

The Derelict in the Dock   John A DeLaughter      

The Lullaby of Erich Zann   GK Lomax        

Twilight of the Gods    Glynn Owen Barrass   

Memories   Tony Bradbury       

Nyarlathotep 2030 ( or A Dark Carnival)  Ian Delacroix    

Beneath the Walls of Eryx   Dickon Springate     

The Nyarlathotep Experience   Miguel Fliguer 

7th October 2019

Our award winning Call of Cthulhu book, Doors to Darkness, has a German language edition!

Cthulhu: Pforten in die Finsternis (Hardcover)

Fünf gezielt für beginnende Spieler und Spielleiter geschriebene Cthulhu-Abenteuer bieten Grauen, Mysterien, Ermittlungen, schreckliche Ungeheuer, geheimnisvolle Magie und vergessene Geheimnisse. Viele Hinweise für den Spielleiter erleichtern die Präsentation am Spieltisch:

Entdeckungen bei einer Hausrenovierung

Ein Hilferuf aus einer Irrenanstalt

Die Suche nach einem Vermissten

Bedrohliche Steinfunde

Der Tod eines Studenten

Enthalten sind zudem zehn vorgefertigte Investigatoren für den sofortigen Sprung durch die Pforten in die Finsternis. Erwartet aber nicht, dass es ein Spaziergang wird, bloß weil diese Abenteuer für neue Spieler geschrieben wurden! Wer die Pforten in die Finsternis öffnet, begibt sich in große Gefahr für Leib und Seele!

25th September 2019

My latest Call of Cthulhu scenario, beautifully mapped and illustrated by those fine folks at Stygian Fox. 'Nightmare on the Necropolis Express' is a Cthulhu By Gaslight adventure available exclusively from Stygian Fox's Patreon:


It will also be available in print to everyone at a later date :-)

1st August 2019

Eldritch Tales Vol. 2, No. 6, edited by Robert M. Price. Trade paperback with color covers and interior artwork by Allen Koszowski.

Featuring my dark fantasy tale: “The Morning of the Magicians.”

Lovecraft famously declared (at least for the sake of his story, “The Picture in the House”) that true connoisseurs of horror would be best advised to look for it in backwoods New England. Well, naturally we here at Eldritch Tales fully subscribe to the doctrine of HPL’s infallibility, but we must admit we think this issue is just as good a place to look (though along about midnight, as you shiver and shudder under your bed sheets, you may wish you hadn’t!).

Okay, that’s a lot of bluster, but it is true that the contents of our stories do demonstrate that horror is to be found pretty much anyplace: in the seemingly placid suburbs, in far-off realms of the fantastic, in a sleepy reservoir, in someone’s garage, in a professorial office. Horror can be found anywhere humans can be found. Just look at the news—but Eldritch Tales is loads more entertaining!

All this in special “Jumbo-Double-Sized-Perfect-Bound” issue!


 Table of Contents

“The Eldritch Lair” by Robert M. Price

 “Egregore” by Loretto Taylor

 “Voyeur” by William C. Rasmusson

“The room in the hotel.” by Mark Weatherill

“Into a Moonlit Sea” by Hector R. Laureano

“The Morning of the Magicians” by Glynn Owen Barrass

“A Night at the Arkham Reservoir” by Jeremiah Dylan Cook

“Dream Hackers” by Maxwell Gold

“Pets” by Pierre Comtois

“The Book of Udon” by Larry Brasington

“Jacob” by Hector R. Laureano

“MirrorrorriM” by Forrest Aguirre

The Monstrous Artwork of Allen Koszowski

3 Poems by Chad Hensley

28th July 2019

My latest Call of Cthulhu scenario, 'Nakuko: The Weeping Child.'

Available August, for only 2 dollars!

'Come with us to 90's Japan... and learn that your crimes will follow you to the grave.'

Stygian Fox are creating new role-playing game materials. For as little as 2 dollars a month you can gain access to all new Call of Cthulhu scenarios!

26th July 2019

Shadows of an Inner Darkness, Edited by Brian M. Sammons for Golden Goblin Press.

Featuring my story: 'Heart Mountain.'

Available in print in August.

Stories include...

The Parkland Experiments by William Meikle – When a Doctor begins performing chemical and surgical eugenics experiments on prisoners at Parkland Correctional Facility, the results take an unexpected and otherworldly turn, resulting in horrific consequences.

A Ghastly Industry by Lee Clark Zumpe – A couple fleeing from a lynch mob in central Florida takes unlikely refuge in a moldering manor. However, they land in the middle of a family dispute between a desperate young man and his ancient undying grandmother.

By Unknown Hands by Ed Erdelac – When a pair of murderous conmen, making a living by killing Native Americans to gain rights to their property, set their sights on a reclusive woman named Hope they get much more than they bargained for.

Carrion Crows by Pete Rawlik – In the aftermath of a terrible hurricane, John Crow is pressed into service with a work gang to recover the dead and bury them in mass graves. The terrible experience changes him, quite literally, forever.

The Last Appointment by Oscar Rios – An Arkam doctor is kidnapped after performing an illegal medical procedure on a terribly deformed man from the shunned town of Innsmouth. His patient’s family has some questions and his life depends on the answers.

Heart Mountain by Glynn Owen Barrass – With Executive Order 9066, young Aiko and her family are forcibly taken to Heart Mountain, a detention camp for Japanese Americans. There she discovers a hidden diary and learns the camp has been used before.

Man of the House by Christine Morgan – A fabulously wealthy man rules over a houseful of his female relations. He controls their fortunes and keeps them prisoners to his abhorrent desires. But it’s a New Age; women have the vote now, and the time has come for a change.

17th June 2019

My latest fiction appearance. In the venerable Weirdbook magazine.

236 page of fiction and poetry!

Weirdbook returns with another jam-packed issue full of great fantasy and horror tales! Included this time are:


- Tonight I Wear My Crimson Face, by Adrian Cole

- The House of the Witches, by Darrell Schweitzer

- The Bones, by Erica Ruppert

- The Idols of Xan, by Steve Dilks

- Conjurings, by Marlane Quade Cook

- Matriarch Unbound, by Glynn Owen Barrass

- The Mouth at the Edge of the World, by Luke Walker

- "An Autumn Settling", by Alistair Rey

- I Know How You'll Die, by K.G. Anderson

- Fair Shopping, by Jack Lee Taylor

- Black Aggie, by Marina Favila

- The Chroma of Home, by Arasibo Campeche

- The Last Resort, by Dean MacAllister

- The Crypt Beneath the Manse, by S. Subramanian

- A Winter Reunion, by C.M. Muller

- The Stravinsky Code, by Leonard Carpenter

- She Talks to Me, by Matthew Masucci

- Wings of Twilight, by L.F. Falconer

- A Pantheon of Trash, by Thomas C. Mavroudis

- Juliet's Moon, by D.C. Lozar

- The Gargoyle's Wife, by Jean Graham

- The Melting Man, by Justin Boote

- Dead Waves, by Sean McCoy

- The Proposal, by J.D. Brink

- Dark Energy, by Kevin Hayman

- Christmas at Castle Dracula, by Sam L Edwards

- There Was Fire, by M. Ravenberg

- Them, by Sharon Cullars

- For Love of Lythea, by C. I. Kemp


- Beltane, by KA Opperman

- Twin Hungers, by Scott Couturier

- The Jackal, by Ashley Dioses

- Our Family Ghost, by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

- Le Gargoyle, by Russ Parkhurst

4th May 2019

New from Stygian Fox!

Aspirations, a companion to their modern Call of Cthulhu scenario anthology Fear's Sharp Little Needles, is now available in PDF and Print!


Cover art by George C. Cotronis

Aspirations is an anthology of articles and scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game published by Chaosium, Inc, and is a companion book to the horror RPG anthology Fear's Sharp Little Needles. Edited by Jeffrey Moeller and Chitin Proctor, and written by Glynn Owen Barrass, Brian M. Sammons, Adam Gauntlett, Simon Yee, Jo Kreil, Jeffrey Moeller, and John Shimmin with art by Dean Engelhardt, Lisanne Lake, Earl Geier, Badger McInnes, and Stephanie McAlea it is an exploration into extra cases and background supporting your modern horror gaming.

Taking its inspirational cues from Delta Green, X-Files, The Ritual, Mandy, and True Detective, the book takes a mature look at the horror of human nature and its ability to be just as disturbing as anything from the Mythos with blood and its inhuman uses as its theme.

You can find it here:

26th April 2019

Issue #7 of The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy is now shipping!

Featuring fiction by Dave Ring, Nicole Vasari, Don Webb & Glynn Owen Barrass, poems by Ngo Binh Anh Khoa, John Shirley, Kyla Ward, KA Opperman, Frank Coffman, Ashley Dioses, David Myers, and Adam Bolivar, and a new installment of "Ye Olde Lemurian" by David Barker. It also features the most art I've ever created for a single issue, and Obadiah Baird's introduction touches on the legacy of the beloved Wilum Hopfrog Pugmyr.

The Audient Void Issue #7



"The Salt Witch" by dave ring

"On Midsummer" by Nicole Vasari

"The Arkham Express" by Don Webb and Glynn Owen Barrass


"The Garden of Old Badb" by Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

"What the Madman Knows" by John Shirley

"Mourning Rites" by Kyla Lee Ward

"Priestess of the Goat" by K.A. Opperman

"Chant of the Priestess" by K.A. Opperman

"They" by Frank Coffman

"Famine" by Ashley Dioses

"Death" by Ashley Dioses

"Jack's a Kidder" by D.L. Myers

"Ballads for the Witching Hour" by Adam Bolivar


"From the Void" by Obadiah Baird

"Ye Olde Lemurian" by David Barker

Cover art, interior illustrations and design by Dan Sauer

2nd April 2019

My latest fiction appearance, 'The House of The Bookworm,' a Cassandra Bane detective tale!

'Is there any current horror anthology or magazine that does not feature a story by the prolific Glynn Owen Barrass? Well, this issue of Eldritch Tales is no exception!' - back cover blurb :-)

Eldritch Tales Vol. 2, No. 5 edited by Bob Price & published by Necronomicon Press. (Color covers, interior artwork by Allen Koszowski)

Welcome, fellow fan-addicts, to a double-sized issue of Eldritch Tales! What an avalanche of horror! Don’t step out of the way! We are pursuing our agenda of including veteran fanzine and semi-pro zine writers, such as Pierre Comtois, the late, great Michael Fantina, Ken Faig, and your accurately humble editor. Two of our stories are foul parasites upon very famous screen entertainments, as you will see (if you read this first, that is!). Let’s hope certain copyright owners are not in a litigious mood!  Steffan B. Aletti’s stories have appeared way too seldom and sparsely, starting in Doc Lowndes’s Magazine of Horror. They are always gourmet’s delights, informed as they are by a wide range of erudition and talents. You will be amazed at his skill in making a vast amount of technical detail serve as the fuel for a tale of Serling-esque eeriness, this issue’s “Stereopticon’! Rickard Berghorn’s ‘To Sleep” presupposes his “The Necronomicon in Sweden,” which you’ll find in the new issue of Crypt of Cthulhu. You better buy both! Is there any current horror anthology or magazine that does not feature a story by the prolific Glynn Owen Barras? Well, this issue of Eldritch Tales is no exception! But there’s more! More by Zoe Butler and William Rasmusson! They put the “eldritch” in Eldritch Tales!

All this in special “Jumbo-Double-Sized-Perfect-Bound” issue!

Table of Contents:

”The Eldritch Lair” by Robert M. Price

“The House of the Bookworm” by Glynn Owen Barrass

“Pets” by Pierre Comtois

“The Case of the Outre Ogam Stone” by Michael Fantina

“To Sleep” by Rickard Berghorn

“Gregory House: Reanimator” by Robert M. Price


“Stereopticon” by Steffan Aletti

“The Madness in the Ice” by Zoe Butler

“Poems” by Randall D. Larson

16th March 2019

I am thrilled to announce that my story: "Curse of the White Inferno," a tribute to the fiction of Walter B Gibson and the serialised radio dramas of the 1930's, is appearing in "The Chromatic Court," edited by Pete Rawlik. It is available in paperback and ebook, from 18thWall Productions.

The cover and interior illustrations are by Johannes Chazot, the latter in B&W in the print book, and color in digital edition.

25th February 2019

Night Land Quarterly 16 is here! My eight appearance in this Japanese Language magazine!

‘Horror & Dark Fantasy journal "Night Land Quarterly" for visionaries.’ 176 pages.

Japanese translations of the following stories, including my tale ‘Causality Revelation.'

Nathaniel Hawthorne: Dr. Heidigger's Experiment

Clark Ashton Smith: The Devotee of Evil

Andrew Romine: Prix Fixe

Nancy Kilpatrick: Creature Comforts

Glynn Owen Barrass: Causality Revelation

Brian M. Sammons: Eat to Live

Kim Newman: A Drug on the Market

Cover by Kei Mecca

It also contains articles and reviews, and a chapter from Ken Asamatsu's "Kthulhu Reich," which will be published by Kurodahan Press in English later this year.

18th February 2019

Weirdbook Annual #2: The Third Cthulhu Mythos MEGAPACK

Edited by Douglas Draa

My Cassandra Bane story, ‘Treacherous Memory,’ appear in this fine publication.

The Weirdbook Annual returns featuring a Cthulhu Mythos theme. Stories abound featuring our favorite squamish elder god! Full of great fantasy and horror tales! 

Included this time are: 

•The Shining Trapezohedron, by Robert M. Price

•A Noble Endeavor, by Lucy A. Snyder

•Ancient Astronauts, by Cynthia Ward

•The Thing in the Pond, by John R. Fultz

•Enter The Cobweb Queen, by Adrian Cole

•Tricks No Treats, by Paul Dale Anderson

•Ronnie and the River, by Christian Riley

•Cellar Dweller, by Franklyn Searight

•Yellow Labeled VHS Tape, by R.C. Mulhare

•Tuama, by L.F. Falconer

•Mercy Holds No Measure, by Kenneth Bykerk

•Treacherous Memory, by Glynn Owen Barrass

•The Hutchison Boy, by Darrell Schweitzer

•Dolmen of The Moon, by Deuce Richardson

•Lovecraftian Limerick, by Andrew J. Wilson

•A Wizard’s Daughter, by Ann K. Schwader

•The Shadow of Azathoth is your Galaxy, by DB Spitzer

•Ascend , by Mark A. Mihalko

•The Solace of the Farther Moon, by Allan Rozinski

•The Stars Are Always Right, by Charles Lovecraft

•Daemonic Nathicana, by K.A. Opperman

•Asenath, by Ashley Dioses

•The Book of Eibon/Le Livre D’eibon, trans. by Frederick J. Mayer

16th December 2018

I am very proud to announce the release of my novella, ‘Sword Against The Snakes,’ from Pro Se Productions.

If you are a fan of The King in Yellow Mythos, Crime Scene Dramas and Serial Killers, then this book is for you.

$9.99 for the print edition, $2.99 Kindle, Kindle Unlimited Members Read for Free.

Love, murder, insanity, betrayal, and terror lay in wait for readers of SWORDS AGAINST THE SNAKES by Glynn Owen Barrass, now available from Pro Se Productions in print and digital formats.

For most The King in Yellow is a largely forgotten tome written by a rarely discussed author. Except people on both sides of an eternal battle for good and evil have not forgotten the book and the author is discussed often, especially in the shadows cast by death and depravity. A book that carries risks with it for any who read it…insanity…death…or worse.The risk to the agents of the secret government department The Yellow Cross is all too real. It is a danger that deranges minds, destroys lives, warps reality. One such mind belongs to Rebecca Thale, a woman who read The King in Yellow and was never the same again. Her path of murder and destruction attracted the attention of The Yellow Cross, agents Ashton and Phillips in particular. Two of the department’s top investigators, they undertake a journey of horror and self discovery that takes them across England and dimensions both deadly and unknown, as they unravel the mysteries of the terrifying entity known as The King in Yellow.

With a terrific cover by Marzia Marina and Antonino Lo Iacono and print formatting and logo design by Percival Constantine, SWORDS AGAINST THE SNAKES is available now at Amazon, and Pro Se’s own store at for $9.99.

This horror thriller is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Constantine for only $2.99 for the Kindle on Amazon. The book is also available on Kindle Unlimited, which means Kindle Unlimited Members can read for free.

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to

Like Pro Se on Facebook at


11th December 2018

I'm very proud to announce my next fiction appearance, this month in issue 132 of the venerable (founded in 1966!) Space and Time Magazine.

'Harlot's Gate' is a tale of dark fantasy, featuring magic and restless ghosts.

Space and Time Magazine #132


The Ones Who Have Not Yet Woken by Rahul Kanakia

Walter Could Be Anywhere by Andrew MacRae

The Slowest Bullet Ever Shot by Max Shepherd

Harlot’s Gate by Glynn Owen Barrass

Stinky, Stinky Little Pig by David Sandner

The Mother’s Fury: A Pirate’s Tale by Greg Leunig

The Aqueduct Horror by C.I. Kemp


Dark Frames by Linda Neuer

Lizard by John Grey

Bloom by Barry Charman

Two Earths by Denny E. Marshall

Within Orion by C.A. Suleiman

Not Quite Kafkaesque by J.J. Steinfeld

Intergalactic Juvenile Delinquent by Kurt Newton

**Haiku by Timothy Flynn

Last Days of Terrestrial Love by Russell Hemmell

Lavinia Whateley by Christopher M. Cevasco

Untitled by Michelle Lee Escobedo

Like I’ve Told You Before, Aliens Watch Us by Larry D. Thacker

Kindling by DeRicki Johnson

The Boy Down the Street on the Other Sex by Michael Tugendhat


Editor’s Geeble by Hildy Silverman

Take Two on the Movies: Alternate Timelines by Daniel M. Kimmel

Book Review: After Punk (eSpec Fiction) by Sam Tomaino

Author Self-Portrait by Ty Drago

Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison

5th December 2018

Features my cyberpunk story ‘Novah On The Run (Her Blue Monday).’

The sci-fi megalopolis known as Punktown created by author Jeffrey Thomas has inspired countless readers and writers around the world, many creating their own Punktown stories as a result. Author Jeffrey Thomas' world has inspired a new anthology of over 450 pages from Dark Regions Press: Transmissions from Punktown edited by Brian M. Sammons.

 Available to pre-order:


"Dreaming the City" – Jeffrey Thomas

"The Cyclops: Part One" – Jeffrey Thomas

"The Dilky Never Landed" – Paul Tremblay

"Bedbug Radio" – Ian Rogers

"Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring" – Nick Mamatas

"Growth Spurt" – Richard Lee Byers

"Novah On The Run (Her Blue Monday)" – Glynn Owen Barrass

"Ritual of Adoration" – W.H. Pugmire

"The Over and Under" – D.A. Madigan

"Lacunae and Nocturnes" – William Meikle

"Riding the Rainbow" – Don Webb

"Not For Human Consumption" – Peter Rawlik

"Sunup Over Misery Street" – Konstantine Paradias

"Blueshift Drive" – Edward M. Erdelac

"Aftermath of an Industrial Accident" – Mike Allen

"Less, Then Zero" – Jeff C. Carter

"Baphomet Descendent" – Scott R. Jones

"Crow-picked" – Christine Morgan

"The Monochromatic Betrayal of Frank Xerox" – Neil Baker

"Ksenija’s Pirate Prince" – Lee Clark Zumpe

"The Cherry" – Tom Lynch

"Payment for a Scar" – Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

"The Extremities of Godfrey Aquinas" – Michael Griffin

"The Cyclops: Part Two" – Jeffrey Thomas

5th October 2018

Weirdbook Vol 2, No 10, Issue #40

Now Available! Featuring my Transhumanist/Cthulhu Mythos/Cyberpunk tale ‘The Dollhouse.’

Weirdbook returns with another jam-packed issue full of great fantasy and horror tales!


From The Editor’s Tower, by Doug Draa


•Iconoclasm, by Adrian Cole

•Have a Crappy Halloween, by Franklyn Searight

•Early Snow, by Samson Stormcrow Hayes

•The Dollhouse, by Glynn Owen Barrass

•Elle a Vu un Loup, by Loren Rhoads

•Bringing the Bodies Home, by Christian Riley

•Restored, by Marlane Quade Cook

•Nameless and Named, by David M. Hoenig

•Playing A Starring Role, by Paul Lubaczewski

•And the Living is Easy, by Mike Chinn

•The Prague Relic, by Paul StJohn Mackintosh

•The Circle, by Matt Sullivan

•Sanctuary, by John Linwood Grant

•The Giving of Gifts, by Matt Neil Hill

•The Santa Anna, by Jack Lothian

•The Dread Fishermen, by Kevin Henry

•Blind Vision, by Andrew Darlington

•The Thirteenth Step, by William Tea

•This Godless Apprenticeship, by Clint Smith

•Waiting, by John W. Dennehy

•Pouring Whiskey In My Soul, by Paul R. McNamee

•True Blue, by Darrell Schweitzer

•The Treadmill, by Rohit Sawant

•The Veiled Isle, by W. D. Clifton


•Gila King, by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

•Necro-Meretrix, by Frederick J. Mayer

•Grinning Moon, by Frederick J. Mayer

•The Burning Man, by Russ Parkhurst

•Silent Hours, by Russ Parkhurst

•The Old White Crone, by Maxwell I. Gold

28th September 2018

I am very proud to announce my latest fiction appearance!

My Cassandra Bane detective tale, ‘Grave Inheritance,’ graces the pages of the new issue of the legendary Eldritch Tales.

Eldritch Tales Vol. 2, No. 4 (Color covers, interior artwork by Allen Koszowski)

Published by Necronomicon Press

Have you ever found yourself studying a restaurant menu and wishing you could eat everything listed there?  You may feel that way as you peruse the Table of Contents for this issue of Eldritch Tales!  Every item is ghoulishly tasty! And there's not one thing stopping you from devouring the whole thing, except, of course, that you'll want to take time to savor every loathsome morsel.  On the other hand, maybe it would be better to think of Eldritch Tales # 4 as like a Whitman's Sampler—you can imagine, pretty easily, emptying the whole darn box in a single sitting! Well, your "eating" habits are your own business, but we guarantee you'll find every story, poem, and bit of art to be delicious, delightful, and damnable!

All this in another special “Jumbo-Sized” issue!

Table of Contents:

“The Eldritch Lair” by Robert M. Price

“Sons of the Python” by Ken Faig, Jr.

“When the Menace Strikes” by Charles Garofalo

“The Mad Arab” by Larry Brasington

“Chat” by Steffan Aletti

“Grave Inheritance” by Glynn Owen Barrass

“From the Archives of Abdul Alhazred” by A. J. Rocca


“S’ngac” by Charles Lovecraft

“Untitled” by M. M. Stigeweard

“Colter’s Mine” by Henry J. Vester III

“The Caves of Shamar-Nanh” by Santiago del Dardano Turann

10th August 2018

Puncture Wounds – featuring my short story ‘The Terror Of Seal Sands.’

Twelve forays into dark modern terror involving the hidden secrets that can infest people's lives. In dark corners of the world, evil and secretive folk still worship the entity known as Great Cthulhu and it's minions hold sway over isolated communities, endangering all who encounter them by accident.

Out now on DriveThruFiction in PDF format and in hardcover print soon!


The Struggle by Oscar Rios

And The Stars Shall Sing Us Home by Scott Dorward

Burrowing by Nicholas Nacario

Lateral Genetics by Andi Newton

Change of Perspective by Adam Gauntlett

Bookworm by Chris Halliday

How Dows Your Garden Grow? by Jo Kreil

Now Black Stars Rise by George George C. Cotronis

Victory Day by Chad J. Chad Bowser

The Terror of Seal Sands by Glynn Owen Barrass

Dark Clouds Gather by Brian M. Sammons

What Dreams May Come by Simon Brake

9th August 2018

Now available! And featuring my scenario Ghosts of Ravenscar.

Fear's Sharp Little Needles is an anthology of 26 one-night modern day scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game published by Chaosium, Inc, edited by Jeff Moeller, and written by Christopher Smith Adair, Glynn Owen Barrass, Simon Brake, Stuart Boon, Chad Bowser, Brian Courtemanche, Scott Dorward, Adam Gauntlett, Allan Goodall, Helen Gould, Tyler Hudak, Jo Kreil, Jeff Moeller, Andi Newton, Oscar Rios, Brian M. Sammons, Matthew Sanderson, Jennifer Thrasher, Joe Trier, Jason Williams, Matt Wiseman, and Simon Yee with art by Dean Engelhardt, Reuben Dodd, Badger McInnes,

Taking its inspirational cues from Delta Green, X-Files, The Ritual, Mandy, and True Detective, the book takes a mature look at the horror of human nature and its ability to be just as disturbing as anything from the Mythos with blood and its inhuman uses as its theme.

The scenarios deal with unavoidable fates, dark secrets, and seriously bad choices made by the antagonists. As so often is the case, there are no winners when fate has trapped you in a dice game for doom or destiny.

12th July 2018

Punktown, A Setting Book For Call of Cthulhu and Basic Roleplaying

My latest work to appear in print, the long awaited Punktown sourcebook! For this, I wrote the scenario The Lemongrass Crater, and co-wrote the cybernetics section.

Seeds of Corruption & Gathering Forces...............................Jeffrey Thomas

Main Text...........Mike Tresca, Glynn Owen Barrass & Brian M. Sammons

Looking Long Into the Abyss...........................................Brian M. Sammons

The Lemongrass Crater ...............................................Glynn Owen Barrass

Twisted Genius ........................................................................Tom Lynch

Art Director...................................................................Stephanie McAlea

Cover Art........................................................................ Mariusz Gandzel

Interior Art .........................................................Jonny Gray, Peter Szmer

Handouts............................................................................ Nimrod Jones

Cartography...................................................................Stephanie McAlea

Character Sheet Design......... Dean Engelhardt (

Editing & Layout................................................................ Nimrod Jones

Copyediting & Proofreading ............ Brian M. Sammons & Jeffrey Thomas

Publisher ..........................................................................Angus Abranson

"Skyscrapers with sides so smooth and featureless (with vidscreens on the interior, instead of windows) that one might think they were solid granite monuments in a graveyard for dead gods. Other buildings that looked like they'd been pieced together from thousands of odd-matched parts salvaged from stripped factory machines, steam curling out of grids and grates in their complex flanks. Buildings with snake skins of multicolored mosaics. Buildings wearing an armor of riveted metal plates, like retired warships looming vertically with their sterns jammed into the street. Flat roofs upon which perched smaller buildings, symbiotically. Other structures tapering to needle points that seemed to etch the clouds upon the blue glass of the sky. Stacked apartments. Stacked businesses. On street level: shop fronts, and gang kids squatting on tenement steps, glaring insolentlyt at the slow trudge of traffic... Ah, Punktown." - Jeffrey Thomas, Deadstock

Punktown: An RPG Setting for Call of Cthulhu Sixth Edition and BRP uses Chaosium's famous award-winning system to explore a dark, futuristic world fraught with untold perils created by author Jeffrey Thomas. Imagine Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Minority Report, Total Recall and the rest of the dark, not-too-distant-future genre. Now add aliens, mutants, robots and Lovecraftian horror. Blend them together, and you get a hint of what Punktown is like.

This reference explores the city itself, the alien races, the weaponry, the creatures, mutations, cybernetics, drugs, sanity (and the inevitable loss thereof), and the options of adding the Cthulhu Mythos into the mix. As written in Thomas' work, the mythos is already there, threatening life as Punktowners know it. If you're a cyberpunk fan, if you're a horror fan, or if you're both, this book is for you.

Keep your eyes wide, your pistol close, and mind the snipes. Those who venture into Punktown never leave the same... if they leave at all.


This book holds a dark mirror to our own world and explores themes including: depravity, sexual violence and other dark matter considered more suitable for adult, mature games. The GM should consult with and adapt aspects accordingly to everyone's comfort zones.

4th June 2018

I'm very proud to announce the release of my next fiction appearance, 'The Horror Out Of Dunwich,' which will appear in Lovecraft's Disciples #33, on sale from Rainfall Records & Books.

Edited by Steve Lines it features awesome Allen Koszowski cover art. Includes stories by Lee Clark Zumpe and Simon Bleaken.

25th May 2018

I am very proud to announce the publication of my Cassandra Bane Cthulhu Mythos detective story, ‘Elvira,’ in this fine and venerable publication.

Eldritch Tales #3 edited by Bob Price & published by Necronomicon Press – Special “Jumbo-Issue”!

Featuring full-color covers by Allen Koszowski!

Welcome to what masquerades as a pulp pastiche but is really a strong horror fiction anthology with a menu of solid contributions: stories by Steffan B. Aletti, Sam Gafford, Larry Brasington, Glynn Owen Barrass, Donald R. Burleson, and David B. Harrington, as well as verse by Henry J. Vester III, Chad Hensley, Frank Coffman, and M. M. Stigeweard. Art by Allen Koszowski! Pleasure? Yes! Guilty? No!"

Eldritch Tales, volume 2, number 3


The Eldritch Lair by the Editor

The Glade by the Lake by Steffan Aletti

Tunnel Vision by Sam Gafford

The Blood Moon Cult by Larry Brasington

Elvira by Glynn Owen Barrass

The Mummy’s Transit by Donald R. Burleson

Apparatus Hill by David B. Harrington

The Gravedigger by David B. Harrington


Terror at Twilight by Frank Coffman

Deliverance by Henry J. Vester III

Ancient One by Chad Hensley

Writing an Essay on the Cemetery of the Capuchins by M. M. Stigeweard

In-print, discounted, and various Necronomicon Press publications can be found at as well as on eBay.


18th May 2018

My collection THE ELEVEN THIEVES AND OTHER TALES FROM THE NIGHT LAND, published by Mount Abraxis Press, is now available!

It features a full-length novella and five short stories, two of which feature my fictional detective Cassandra Bane. The novella and three of the stories have not been published before.

Tall hardcover, with dust-jacket, cloth boards, illustrated endpapers, silk ribbon, etc.

Check out the Mount Abraxis Press Facebook page for details.

Table of Contents

Scenes From The Nightland

The Eleven Thieves

The Little People

The Lady of the Lake

The Underworld

The Gabriel Hounds

11th May 2018

Tails of Terror: Stories of Cat-Themed Horror

I’m very proud to have an appearance in this book. Forthcoming from Golden Goblin Press.

Do you like Cats? Of course you do. Do you like dark, mysterious, and horrifying stories of the Cthulhu Mythos? Who doesn’t? Well this upcoming anthology combines both those things is one purrfect book. This will be part of an upcoming Kickstarter.

Table of contents.

Brown Jenkin’s Reckoning – Edward M. Erdelac

The Cat in the Pall – Pete Rawlik

Derpyfoot – Christine Morgan

Ghost Story – Brian M. Sammons

Palest of Humans – Don Webb

Bats in the Belfry – William Meikle

Satisfaction Brought Him Back – Glynn Owen Barrass

The Bastet Society – Sam Stone

The Veil of Dreams – Stephen Mark Rainey

The Quest of Pumpkin the Brave – Oscar Rios

A Field Guide to Wanderlust – Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

In the End there is a Drain – Tim Waggoner

8th February 2018

Lin Carter's Simrana Cycle, now available!

Selected, compiled and edited by Robert M Price

 With fiction by Linwood V Carter,‎ Robert M Price,‎ Lord Dunsany,‎ Glynn Owen Barrass,‎ Darrell Schweitzer,‎ Gary Myers,‎ Adrian Cole,‎ Charles Garofalo, ‎ Henry Kuttner. Roy G Krenkel (Illustrator),‎ Stephen Hickman (Cover Design)

 Lin Carter, enthralled by the “Dreamland” tales of Lord Dunsany and others, contributed to the growing genre with a series of his own stories, dubbed “The Simrana Tales.” Some of them were published in a variety of small-press magazines and other publications, but they were never collected into a book, and many tales have never been published at all. Until now. As Carter himself commented in his afterword to Lord Dunsany’s Beyond the Fields We Know, “The most Dunsanian of my fiction is the Simrana series … the name was coined many years ago and lay in my notebooks awaiting the right kind of story to occur to me.” A complete collection of his Simrana tales could hardly be called complete without including the stories that inspired him to write them in the first place: Lord Dunsany’s masterpieces of fantasy. Here at last is the complete Simrana Cycle, accompanied by outstanding stories in the genre including Dunsany’s own “The Sword of Welleran” and others; Henry Kuttner’s 1937 Weird Tales gem “The Jest of Droom-avista,” and new stories by leading authors in the field: Gary Myers, Darrell Schweitzer, Adrian Cole, Charles Garofalo, and Glynn Barrass, as well as six ink drawings by Roy G. Krenkel, originally done for the publication of Carter’s “The Gods of Neol Shendis.”


15th January 2018

I am very proud to announce my latest fiction appearance with my tale of Cosmic Horror: 'Silver Jubilee.'

 It can be read in Cemetery Moon #14, published by Fortress Publishing Inc.

 Horror, suspense and gothic! Suspenseful stories and twisted tales brought to you by:

 Frances Gow

Walt Trizna

Lee Clark Zumpe

Mindy Watson

Wallace Boothill & Philip W. Kleaver

Karen Heslop

Jason Howell

Lisa Shea

Robert Kenton

Glynn Owen Barrass