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4th December 2015

Now available! Legacy of the Reanimator - edited by Peter Rawlik and Brian M. Sammons.
Features 'A Man Called West,' by me and Ron Shiflet.
Published by Chaosium.

The Legacy of the Reanimator collects the original serialized H.P. Lovecraft story, “Herbert West—Reanimator” along with it’s two sequels and a bevy of short stories from some of the most renowned Lovecraftian writers. Details of Herbert West’s life from childhood to death—and beyond can be found within The Legacy of the Reanimator. 

Reanimation. The process of bringing life to that which is dead. It is well known that the tow-headed fiend Herbert West came close to perfecting the process within his lifetime. It is also well known that the reanimated limbs, parts, and minions that he had created over the years eventually came back to haunt him—and dismember his body. 

However, Herbert West didn’t die. Well…yes he did. The problem is he didn’t stay dead. He was brought back in two round robins edited by Robert m. Price. The first was Herbert West-Reanimated followed by Herbert West—Reincarnated. These were published in old issues of Crypt of Cthulhu, and are terribly hard to get a hold of…until now.

30th November 2015

Now available from Chaosium!
Mark of the Beast - an anthology of genre spanning werewolf tales that features my story: 'WolfGang.'
Edited by Scott David Aniolowski and published by Chaosium Inc.

23rd November 2015

Now Available, and featuring my superhero/horror tale 'Dead World Protocol'!
Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of Twisted Yarns. Edited by Gloria Bobrowicz.
Twisted Yarns is a collection of ten depraved stories that will warp your mind and spark your curiosity for tales best muttered in hushed tones and dark corners.

31st October 2015

Occult Detective Monster Hunter.
Featuring my short story: Aftermath III
Edited by Josh Reynolds and published by Emby Press
'A murder has been committed and another could be at any moment. A fortune has gone missing, a map has mysteriously appeared and something is frightening the children at night. All is in confusion and the only thing for certain is that a detective is needed, but the first detective got a glimpse of what the children are afraid of and left without so much as a word. There are times when it becomes clear that a different sort of detective is needed; one who understands or at least accepts that threats are not always human or even physical and that solving the case will take more than a sharp eye. This is the domain of the Occult Detective. Literary history is rich with great Occult Detectives and A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests seeks to honor and add to them as many of today's most talented Occult Detective authors offer their original tales. Steeped in tradition but with a modern edge, the first of two volumes presents 22 tales of monsters, magic and mystery investigated by those that book their trade by it.'

22nd September 2015

For fans of the King in Yellow Mythos!

In the Court of the Yellow King

Now with seven Honorable Mentions in Ellen Datlow's Full recommended list Best Horror of the Year volume Seven. 'Nigredo,' by Cody Goodfellow included in Best Horror of the Year volume Seven, Includes two recipients of The Occult Detective Awards for Willie Meikle's 'Bedlam in Yellow' and Christine Morgan's 'The Viking in Yellow.'

1st August 2015

FUNGI, THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND WEIRD FICTION, ISSUE 22, Now in its 32nd year! Featuring fiction by Glynn Owen Barrass, Steve Lines,Robert M. Price and more, and edited by Pierre Comtois
Issue #22 is full of the wide range of fiction and non-fiction its die hard fans have come to expect, including tales of the weird, horror, fantasy and science fiction. The stories are told by past masters of fantasy fiction, favorites of the fanzine world, mainstream authors, and talented amateurs. This issue includes spotlight features on Lars Walker and the poetry of Henry J. Vester, III.

26th July 2015

DOORS TO DARKNESS, Five Scenarios For Beginning Keepers. Edited by Brian M. Sammons with a scenario from him, Christopher Smith Adair, Glynn Owen Barrass, Brian Courtemanche, Tom Lynch and Kevin Ross. Available August from Chaosium and all good game stores.

4th July 2015

Out now, and featuring my story Chaney Jr. Overdrive

"Flesh Like Smoke is a riotously good collection of sixteen short stories that deal with multiple permutations of shape shifting.

From Werewolves to Native American legends to Folk tales to Science Fiction survival stories, this anthology has got something for everyone who loves a cracking good read and great storytellers.

Editor Brian M. Sammons has this great knack for presenting anthologies with a nice balance of styles, settings and voices that have quality stamped all over them.

The added bonus is the evocative black and white illustrations from publisher Neil Baker that accompany each of the sixteen stories setting the mood.”


George Ilett Anderson for Albedo One

June 20th 2015

Featuring my story 'Claws that Pierce the Amber Veil.'

NonBinary Review #5: THE KING IN YELLOW.

Issue #5 of NonBinary Review is out now, and totally free! Download the free Zoetic Press app for your iPhone or iPad, and you’ll have access to all five issues ofNonBinary Review. (The Android app is in the works.)

June 15th 2015

Out now, and featuring my short story 'Codename Cadaver'!
Beyond Science Fiction is a magazine filled with short stories and articles related to all things science fiction and fantasy. The July 2015 issue of Beyond Science Fiction features stories from the following authors:

Warhawks - Written by Mandi Jourdan 
Codename Cadaver - Written by Glynn Owen Barrass 
Do-Over - Written by Christopher Nadeau 
A Review of Batman: Under the Red Hood - Written by Seth Frederiksen 
Peddler’s Bargain - A NoveletteWritten by John W. Dennehy 
Home Movies - Written by Katherine Sanger 
The Last Man on Earth - Written by Claire Davon 
Midnight Drive - Created by Edward Barocela 
Properties - Written by Chris Capps 
Revelations - Written by Edward Ashton 
Term Paper - Written by Tia Reed 
Kurt Fleming and the Konami Code - Written by Matthew Hentrich 
You’re In All Your Characters - Written by Jesse Rebock 
The Travelling Show of 2016 - Written by Joseph Rubas 
Another Man's Treasure - Written by Tom Barlow 

30th April 2015

Beyond the Mountains of Madness, edited by Robert M. Price, from Celaeno Press

Antarctica... a frozen wasteland of penguins, blinding ice and snow, and blizzards to kill the unprepared in minutes. But it is an ancient land, with ancient secrets, mysteries that humanity is only beginning to glimpse. HP Lovecraft introduced the world to the terrifying reality of this lonely continent in his famous novella, At the Mountains of Madness, and now a new team of intrepid authors follows in his footsteps. New dimensions of horror will send chills up your spine, from the pens of Ken Asamatsu, Glynn Owen Barrass, Pierre Comtois, Laurence J. Cornford, Cody Goodfellow, C.J. Henderson, Willie Meikle, Edward Morris, William Patrick Murray, Joe Pulver, Mark Rainey, Peter Rawlik, and Brian M. Sammons, with a special guest appearance by Weird Tales legend John Martin Leahy and an introduction by Robert M. Price.

27th April 2015

Now Available: Atomic Age Cthulhu, edited by Glynn Owen Barrass and Brian M. Sammons, from Chaosium

THE DECADE OF THE 1950s: while many places in the world are still recovering from the horrors of the Second World War, it is a good time for America. The economy and industry are roaring, the middle class is exploding, and everyone can own their own home. The nation is filled with pride after a hard-won victory. The future never seemed brighter, and yet... ...never before have we faced a global threat as dire as the atomic bomb. Humanity has always waged war, but now we can eradicate all life on the planet. Educational films promise survival of a nuclear blast. In movies, the classic monsters of the 30s and 40s are replaced by horrors spawned of the atom. Enemies are everywhere, and there are dangers in our midst: devilish rock n roll, morally corrupt books, and sinister comic books corrupt the minds of our youth. The dreaded Red Menace of Communism is poised to overthrow our government and strip-away all of our personal freedoms. Their comrades are everywhere and could be anyone, including your neighbor, your friend, or a member of your family. There are godless Communists spreading across the globe, and they must be stopped by any means necessary!

So here you have the world of Atomic-Age Cthulhu, bringing Lovecraftian horror to the postwar Golden Age.

30th March 2015

I am very proud to announce this upcoming fiction appearance!

"Paradise 2.0" post apocalyptic Cthulhu horror, appearing in APOTHEOSIS, edited by Jason Andrew, for Simian Publishing.

 The Table of Contents for Apotheosis:

"The Smiling People" by Andrew Peregrine

The Pestilence of Pandora Peaslee" by Peter Rawlik

“Daily Grind” by J. Childs-Biddle

"What Songs We Sing" by L. K. Whyte

"Dilution Solution" by Adrian Simmons

"Earth Worms" by Cody Goodfellow

"Eliza" by Joshua M. Reynolds

"Footprints in the Snow" by June Violette

"Beware Poorly Chosen Words" By Jeffrey Fowler

"The Balm of Sperrgebiet is the Krokodil" by Steve Berman

"The Caverns of al-Shog Qaleth" by Robert J. Santa

"Of the Fittest" by Evan Dicken

"Overcome" by Jason Vanhee

"Paradise 2.0" By Glynn Owen Barrass

"The Divine Proportion" by Jeff C Carter

"The Resistance and the Damned" by Gustavo Bondoni

"Twilight of the Gods" by Jonathan Woodrow

20th March 2015

Now available: Tales of the Talisman Volume 10, Issue 3, featuring my story Kaiden!
'Kaiden is a man looking for companionship in a Lovecraftian wasteland. He pleads an elder god for help. As Glynn Owen Barrass asks, what are monsters without someone to scare?'
Edited by David Lee Summers
Follow the link for the table of contents and ordering information:

9th February 2015

AVAILABLE NOW from Rainfall Books. Strange Sorcey 15 featuring my story Northwest. Anthropomorphic Dark Fantasy. A mission to save a queen. Warrior cats and dogs, hedge wizards and rat tribes.
Edited by Steve Lines and John B. Ford. Cover art by Steve Lines
Books can be ordered here:

2nd February 2015

Published today! 
Strange Detective Stories #5 featuring The Lady in Yellow by Ron Shiflet and Glynn Barrass. Cover by Steve Lines. Available from Rainfall Books.

17th January 2015

Cthulhu Detective - a C.J. Henderson Tribute Anthology

Coming Soon

C.J. Henderson touched many of us with his friendship and brilliant fiction. This tribute anthology features fiction by C.J. himself, Glynn Owen Barrass, Ron Shiflet, David Conyers, Shane Cummings, Cody Goodfellow, David Kernot, Willie Meikle, Konstantine Paradias, Robert M. Price, Peter Rawlik, Brian M. Sammons & Jeffrey Thomas. All proceeds going to C.J.'s family.

7th January 2015

Featuring my Cthulhu Mythos/Sci fi story 'Antarktos Unbound'!

Author and editor Aaron J. French combines his first two anthologies, Monk Punk and The Shadow of the Unknown, together for the first time in this Omnibus Edition. In the tradition of Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and Splatterpunk comes this new sub-strain of speculative fiction--Monk Punk. Twenty-three hard-hitting Monkpunk tales of fantasy, science fiction, and Lovecraftian horror. Madness and the Mythos, the Surreal and the Sinister. The Shadow of the Unknown collects Twenty-nine tales of horror inspierd by H.P Lovecraft and the element of the unknown in supernatural fiction. Think yor sanity can withstand the assault? Also included are eleven brand-new Omnibus Exclusive stories which are only available in this edition. Within these pages you will find tales from Gary A. Braunbeck, Stephen Mark Rainey, Richard Gavin, William Meikle, John R. Fultz, Josh Reynolds, Gene O'Neill, James S. Dorr, and much more!