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10th December 2014

Out now! The Starry Wisdom Library edited by Nate Pedersen

Features entries by myself and an a plethora of other fine writers.…

Scholars and book collectors across the country have long pondered the intended fate of the infamous collection of rare occult books left to rot in the Church of Starry Wisdom in Providence, Rhode Island, after the Starry Wisdom cult dispersed to parts unknown in the late 19th century.

The recent, shocking discovery of a previously unknown book auction catalogue issued in 1877 offers insight into the myriad mysteries of the cult. Entitled “Catalogue of the Occult Library of the Recently Disbanded Church of Starry Wisdom of Providence, Rhode Island,” and issued by the notorious Arkham firm Pent & Serenade, the catalogue reveals the long-suspected fact that the Church intended to sell its library to finance its removal from Providence.

23rd November 2014

On March 23nd, 1925, the world as we know it was transformed into a realm of unearthly horrors. Sixty years later, with humanity nearly extinct, a small society of survivors attempt to turn the tables on their alien overlords with a daring, suicidal plan that spans both time and space. Cthulhu dead? Cthulhu dreaming? Not in this timeline darkly.

Available from Dunhams Manor Press.
Cover by Reginald Braithwaite.

10th October 2014

My latest fiction appearance in AMOK! Short Sharp Shocks Volume I.
An unnerving anthology featuring tales of psychological decline and murderous frenzy!
These 26 stories span a multitude of genres and themes to both alarm and amuse you, as events spiral rapidly out of control, and mankind, monsters and minds go terribly, catastrophically, AMOK!
Featured among a stellar array of stories, my tale 'Ancient Voices.'
Edited by Neil Baker, April Moon Books!amok/c1uci

5th October 2014

In the Court of the Yellow King

My first book from Celaeno Press - available from, Amazon UK, and Amazon Japan. 

There was once a play with the power to drive you mad... or to transport you into a bizarre world of Carcosa, and the King in Yellow. Banned, burned, yet never totally destroyed, the play lives on, eating away the fabric of society and rotting the veneer of civilization... Come and enjoy new visions of the King, expanding and deepening the fragments glimpsed in the award-winning True Detective television series, penned for your delight by a host of master scribes eager to guide you to a new world of delirium, despair, and madness.


Featuring stories by:
Glynn Owen Barrass
Tim Curran
Cody Goodfellow
T.E. Grau
Laurel Halbany
C.J. Henderson
Gary McMahon
William Meikle
Christine Morgan
Edward Morris
Robert M. Price
W.H. Pugmire
Stephen Mark Rainey
Pete Rawlik
Brian M. Sammons
Lucy Snyder
Greg Stolze
Jeffrey Thomas
and a stunning cover by Daniele Serra!

25th August 2014

Published today from Rainfall Records and Books: Terror Tales #3 featuring fiction by Peter Rawlik, John Berresford, Emma Lee, Lee Wilson and Glynn Owen Barrass, an article by Paul Edwards and art by Des Knight and Steve Lines.

£4.50 (postage included) for the U.K. and

$11.00 US (postage included) for the U.S.A. and Canada.

20th August 2014

Announcing the release of MONK PUNK and THE SHADOW OF THE UNKNOWN in OMINBUS edition from Hazardous Press! 679 pages of Lovecraftian goodness! Featuring all of the original stories as well as 11 that are brand new to this edition. Available in the next few weeks in trade paperback and a Kindle edition. Check out that massive TOC below and killer cover art from Luke Spooner! (Also tagging the original blurbers, whose quotes will be featured again in this new edition.)



Foreword to New Edition by Aaron J. French



Introduction to Monk Punk by D. Harlan Wilson

Fistful of Tengu by David West

Don’t Bite My Finger by Geoff Nelder

The Power of Gods by Sean T. M. Stiennon

The Key to Happiness by R. B. Payne

Wonder and Glory by Adrian Chamberlin

The Just One by Willie Meikle

The Liturgy of the Hours by Dean M Drinkel

Brethren of Fire by Zach Black

The Second Coming by Joe Jablonski

Nasrudin: Desert Sufi by Barry Rosenberg

Suitcase Nuke by Sean Monaghan

The Last Monk by George Ivanoff

The Cult of Adam by Mark Iles

Snowfall by J.C. Andrijeski

Xenocyte: A Kiomarra Story by Caleb Heath

Vortex by Joshua Ramey-Renk

The Birth of God by Jeffrey Sorensen

Rannoch Abbey and the Night Visitor by Dave Fragments

Citipati by Suzanne Robb

Black Rose by Robert Harkess

The Path of Li Xi by Aaron J. French

Where the White Lotus Grows by John R. Fultz



Evil Fruit by Joshua M. Reynolds

Weaned on Blood by Richard Gavin

Visionaire by Stephen Mark Rainey

The Perplexed Eye of a Sufi Pirate by Geoff Nelder

The Bountiful Essence of the Empty Hand by John R. Fultz

The White Lotus Society by Aaron J. French



Foreword to original edition by Aaron J. French

It Tears Away by Michael Bailey

Graffiti Sonata by Gene O'Neill

Blumenkrank by Erik T. Johnson

To Unsee a Thing by Richard Marsden

Memories of Inhuman Nature by Rick McQuiston

What’s in a Shell? by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

When Clown Face Speaks by Aaron J. French

The Music of Bleak Entrainment by Gary A. Braunbeck

The Chitter Chatter of Little Feet by Fel Kian

Watch for Steve by Ricky Massengale

Uncle Rick by M. Shaw

Caverns of Blood by PS Gifford

JP and the Nightgaunt by Robert Tangiers

Sister Guinevere by T. Patrick Rooney

Alone in the Cataloochee Valley by Lee Zumpe

Quietus by A.a. Garrison

Amends for an Earlier Summer by Geoffrey H. Goodwin

Sanctuary of the Damned by Cindy D Witherspoon

The Festering by James Dorr

The Rose Garden by James Ward Kirk

In the Valley of the Things by L. E. Badillo

The Devil’s Kneading Trough by Sean Page

The City of Death by Jason D. Brawn

Terror Within the Walls by K.G. McAbee

The Laramie Tunnel by RB Payne

Amundsen’s Last Run by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

Antarktos Unbound by Glynn Owen Barrass

Azathoth Awakening by Ran Cartwright



The Courtier by Mike Lester

The First and Last Performance of Varack by John Claude Smith

Back Acres by Jay Wilburn

In Silence by K Trap Jones

19th August 2014

World War Cthulhu - the war begins today!

Lovecraftian War Stories from the Fall of Troy to the Distant Future Featuring 22 Interior Illustrations

Choose Your Battle:
Leather-bound Deluxe Lettered Slipcased Hardcover Signed by Multiple Contributors w/ Full Color Illustrations
World War Cthulhu Bundle (see details lower on page)
Signed Limited Edition Hardcover w/ Full Color Illustrations
Special Trade Paperback w/ Full Color Illustrations
Regular Trade Paperback
- See more at:

15th June 2014

The latest collection from Chaosium is here! Selected and edited by Brian M. Sammons & Glynn Owen Barrass. Cover art by Daniele Serra. 288 pages. Trade Paperback.

Steampunk Cthulhu contains 18 stories of horror, sci-fi, fantasy and alternative realities tainted with the Lovecraftian and the Cthulhu Mythos. Here you will discover Victorian Britain, the Wild West era United States, and many other varied locations filled with anachronistic and sometimes alien technology, airships, submersibles and Babbage engines. The Victorian era invoked here is not only one of innovation and exploration, but of destruction and dread.

The Tales Included:

Those Above by Jeffrey Thomas

The Blackwold Horror by Adam Bolivar

No Hand to Turn the Key by Carrie Cuinn

The Reverend Mr. Goodworks & the Yeggs of Yig byEd Erdelac

Carnacki – The Island of Doctor Munroe by Willie Meikle

Pain Wears No Mask by John Deathginger Goodrich

Before the Least of These Stars by Lee Zumpe

The Promised Messiah by David-John Tyrer

Unfathomable by Christine Morgan

The Flower by Chris Geeson

Tentacular Spectacular by Thana Niveau

Fall of an Empire by Glynn Owen Barrass & Brian M. Sammons

The Baying of the Hounds by Leigh Kimmel

Mr Brass & the City of Devils by Josh Joshua M. Reynolds

The Source by David Snell

Happy Birthday, Dear Cthulhu by Bob Neilson

The Strange Company by Peter Rawlik


Available now:

Available from Amazon:

29th May 2014

Coming later this year from Rainfall Books. Anno Klarkash-Ton is a tribute to the wonderful, awe-inspiring worlds of Clark Ashton Smith, with cover art by Bruce Pennington who did the wonderful covers for the Panther editions of Smith's work back in the 1970's. Edited by Glynn Owen Barrass and Frederick J. Mayer, it features fiction, non fiction, poetry and art from some of today’s finest weird fiction talents including: Leigh Blackmore, Christene Britton-Jones, Ran Cartwright, Michael Fantina, Wade German, Perry Grayson, Charles Danny Lovecraft, W. H. Pugmire, Pete Rawlik, David Schembri, Richard L. Tierney, Steve Lines, Edward P. Berglund, Frank Belknap Long, Robert M. Price and Brian M. Sammons.

21st May 2014

Published today from Rainfall Records and Books: Terror Tales #2


Walpurgis Homecoming - Frank Searight

Zeitgeist - Jay Eales

The Lost Guitar of Jordan Wells - Sue Phillps

The Change Will Do You Good - Mark Walker

The Manor of Madness - Lee Clark Zumpe

What Dark World - Glynn Barrass


£4.50 (postage included) for the U.K. and

$11.00 US (postage included) for the U.S.A. and Canada.

21st April 2014

When Brian M Sammons and I approached Dark Regions Press with World War Cthulhu, we had no idea how wonderfully BIG this project would become. Heading up our first indiegogo project, we watched with anticipation as we went from simply funding the book to adding full color art for all the stories by the incomparable m Wayne Miller to adding more stories to the already brilliant ranks, to having the majority of the stories professionally narrated.
Now we have a book in special formats, beautiful hardcovers, prints and t-shirts and more.
World War Cthulhu has been funded TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE PERCENT, making indiegogo history in the process, and now an amazing Cthulhu Mythos anthology is soon to be released on the world.
Thank you, our contributors, sponsors, supporters and backers.

5th April 2014

Dark Rites of Cthulhu is HERE!

Edited by Brian M Sammons, and published by April Moon Books, it can be purchased from Amazon or directly from the publisher:!the-dark-rites-of-cthulhu/c1q0a

'For centuries, students of the forbidden arts have probed the inky recesses of the spaces inbetween. Hapless mortals have invoked monstrous entities from beyond through foul magicks, incantations and rituals. When will they learn that there can be no profit nor joy to be gained through relations with the insidious old ones?
These sixteen tales of depravity, sorcery and madness may offer some illumination, but ultimately there can be no salvation for those who dabble in The Dark Rites of Cthulhu.
Featuring terrifying new stories by Glynn Owen Barrass, Edward M. Erdelac, John Goodrich, Scott T. Goudsward, T. E. Grau, C.J. Henderson, Tom Lynch, William Meikle, Christine Morgan, Robert M. Price, Pete Rawlik, Josh Reynolds, Brian M. Sammons, Sam Stone, Jeffrey Thomas and Don Webb and edited by Brian M. Sammons, The Dark Rites of Cthulhu shares cautionary tales set in a multiverse of jealousy, greed, desperation and naivety and is guaranteed to delight students of the Dark Arts and followers of the Great Old Ones alike.'

25th February 2014

The World War Cthulhu indiegogo campaign is here!

World War Cthulhu: A Collection of Lovecraftian War Stories with Illustrations

War stories with Lovecraftian forces & elder gods! 21 of the biggest authors in the genre unleash Cthulhu & more in war stories inspired by H.P. Lovecraft!

Bring World War Cthulhu: A Collection of Lovecraftian War Stories to the forefront with 19 war stories rooted deep in the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Wars and battlefields written by top names in the industry like John Shirley, Tim Curran, W.H. Pugmire, William Meikle, Christine Morgan, Cody Goodfellow, Jeffrey Thomas and many more featuring original illustrations by artist M. Wayne Miller, front cover artwork by award-winning artist Vincent Chong and edited by Brian M. Sammons & Glynn Owen Barrass.

25th February 2014

The website edition of issue #29 of the Lovecraft eZine is out and available! It features my part in an excellent Superhero/Cthulhu Mythos Round Robin 'The Eldritch Force.' Also available in Kindle, Nook, print, and audio editions. The spectacular cover is by Lee Copeland, edited by Mike Davis, with graphic design by Leslie Harker.

20th February 2014

Submission Guidelines for the latest Cthulhu Mythos by Brian M. Sammons and myself.

Art by Jamie D. Jenkins

The Summer of Lovecraft

Eldritch Horror during the Swinging Sixties

Welcome to the guidelines for THE SUMMER OF LOVECRAFT. This will be a Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos horror anthology for the publisher, Chaosium. It is scheduled to come out in the first half of 2015. It will be a companion piece of sorts for ATOMIC AGE CTHULHU, the 1950s Lovecraftian horror anthology Glynn and I did for Chaosium that should be coming out very soon.

Like AAC, we want stories for TSoL that are unique to the 1960s. If you can take your story, change the date, and it loses nothing, then that is NOT the kind of story we want for this. So know your sixties, people. Speaking only as an American, the 1960s was a weird time for my country. It was a time of the Vietnam war, the continued threat of nuclear annihilation, struggles with race relations, the birth of the hippies and the counterculture movement, Woodstock, the relaxation of social taboos, experimentation (both privately and through the government) with psychedelic drugs, revolution, riots, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits on TV, Dr. Who on TV (for you Brits out there), Psycho at the theaters, free love, the Black Panthers, sit-ins, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the rise of the Berlin wall, the Soviets putting the first man into space, Andy Warhol, the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, a Buddhist monk immolating himself, the loss of the innocence from the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe dying, The Beatles becoming huge in the US, and the Manson Family. These are just some of the things that come to our minds when we think about the 1960s and we’re sure there are many different cultural touchstones from your own countries, should you be from outside the US.

Two interesting bits of trivia, the largest earthquake ever was a 9.5 magnitude monster in Chile in 1960. Want more large things? The Soviets exploded the largest nuclear bomb ever, the Tsar Bomba, in 1961. It was a 58 megaton device that had seismographs across the planet freaking out.

So if you can’t take some of these ideas, and a whole lot more we’re sure we’re forgetting, put a Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos spin on them, and come up with a hell of a story, then man, you’re just not trying.

First and foremost, we want truly horrifying stories for this. Not just weird, try your best to scare the hell out of us. Sure, some pulp adventure may find its way into this book, and possibly some weird humor too, but we want Lovecraftian-themed horror to be the backbone of this book. Also, some themes may get overused here. I personally expect a glut of hippie/psychedelic drug stories. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but it’s a feeling I’ve got. To be sure, we want those stories, but there is so much more to the 60s then just that, and Glynn and I are big fans of variety in our books. So write what you will, what you have the most passion about, but thinking outside the box and going down the road less traveled may reward you here. Also, keep an eye out for updates. Shall we get deluged in hippie Cthulhu stories (or any one theme) we will make an announcement that we are no longer seeking stories of that type. Send us a story like that after we make that announcement and it will go right into the trash can. So if you have a great idea and you think others might be doing similar things, best get your submission to us as early as you can. You’ve all been warned.

Technical stuff:

Word count: 3,000 - 7,000. You might be able to go a little bit over or under this, but please query first.

Lines should be double spaced, but NO double spaces after periods. We hate that. For everything else, follow the standard manuscript formatting rules.

Files should be sent to us as .rtf or .doc. That’s it. Any other file format will not be read.

No reprints, multiple or simultaneous submissions.

The reading period for this will be right now and will go on until June 30th.

Payment will be .03 a word and 3 copies of the finished book.

Submissions should be sent to both of these addresses: &

Good luck and send us something groovy.

13th February 2014

My latest fiction appearance. Ron Shiflet and I get the full issue of Strange Detective Stories #2 with our Mythos detective pair Barnes and Towers. The Kingsport Desk pits our heroes against the horror of Carcosa and The King in Yellow.
Available from Rainfall Books!

10th February 2014

Published today: Terror Tales #1 (Volume 3) featuring stories by David Price, Brian Sammons, Derek Fox, Glynn Barrass and Paul Edwards. 
From Rainfall Books - Features my story 'Her Dark World.'

7th February 2014

Coming soon from April Moon Books! The Dark Rites of Cthulhu, featuring sixteen new tales of dark magic and madness including my tale The Bride of the Beast. Anthology edited by Brian M. Sammons.

5th February 2014

Forthcoming from Dark Regions Press. World War Cthulhu, edited by myself and Brian M. Sammons. A collection of Lovecraftian war stories by a stellar array of writers!

18th January 2013

Third week of the year, third fiction appearance of the year! Tales of the Talisman Volume 9, Issue 2 features the final part of the 'Portal' trilogy: 'Chiara Wake.' 
' Glynn Owen Barrass presents an exciting tale of a world transformed by monstrous events and ruled by giant mechs and human-robot hybrids.
Available here and from Amazon:

11th January 2013

Out now! Sorcerers of Zandor #3 featuring The Doom of Merik the Black, Co written with Steve Lines. Available now from Rainfall Books.

9th January 2014

The Mountains of Madness, new Cthulhu Mythos fiction from Dark Quest. Edited by Robert M. Price. Features my story 'The City at the Two Magnetic Poles, and lots more besides. 
Icy secrets thawed out for your inspection by a team of parka-clad authors including Stephen Mark Rainey, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Will Murray, Cody Goodfellow, Ken Asamatsu, C.J. Henderson, Edward Morris, Glynn Owen Barrass, Laurence J. Cornford, Pete Rawlik, Brian Sammons, and Pierre Comtois.

7th January 2014

My latest fiction appearance: TALES OF THE WEIRD WEST #1, Edited by Steve Lines & John B. Ford 
An Incident in Hell Creek by Ron Shiflet
A Hanging In Witch Moon by Ron Shiflet
A Fistful of Elder Signs (Or The Horror at Pickman’s Gulch) by Glynn Barrass

Available direct from Rainfall books now:

Eldritch Chrome

My first anthology from Chaosium is here!
ELDRITCH CHROME,  edited by Glynn Owen Barrass and Brian M. Sammons - available from Chaosium, Amazon, and bookstores and game stores worldwide.

The Tales Included:

  • Obsolete, Absolute by Robert M. Price
  • The Place that Cannot Be by D.L. Snell
  • The Battle of Arkham by Peter Rawlik
  • The Wurms In the Grid by Nickolas Cook
  • SymbiOS by William Meikle
  • Playgrounds of Angolaland by David Conyers
  • Sonar City by Sam Stone
  • The Blowfly Manifesto by Tim Curran
  • Flesh & Scales by Ran Cartwright
  • Inlibration by Michael Tice
  • Hope Abandoned by Tom Lynch
  • Immune by Terrie Leigh Relf
  • Real Gone by David Dunwoody
  • CL3ANS3 by Carrie Cuinn
  • Dreams of Death by Lois Gresh
  • The Gauntlet by Glynn Owen Barrass and Brian M. Sammons
  • Indifference by CJ Henderson
  • Open Minded by Jeffrey Thomas