by  Glynn Barrass

Background: I came upon this small-press anthology… when I was published in it. But I won’t be the egotist who picks her own story for a recommendation; instead, I’ll pick a story that really stood out to me in this antho.

Glynn Barrass is a writer from northeast England who lives with his cat and, according to his bio, some friendly ghosts.

What it’s about: In the year 2079, a small crew travel in their time-ship to the year 2042, when a plague decimated humankind around the globe. America managed to close off its borders before it got hit, but the majority of Europe turned into the most grotesque kind of zombies you can imagine: a giant creature composed of multitudes of reanimated corpses that fused together.

They are going back to when the plague first got loose to gather information on it, and once they do they can return to their own time. Of course, we all know that even the tiniest bit of meddling with time can horrifically screw up the future…

Why it will keep you up at night: After reading this story, I truly could not get the image of these zombies out of my head. It’s completely vile: a “huge, pylon-like monstrosity, a towering mass of disease-ridden flesh … hewn wholly of warped, human bodies. Hundreds of poor souls lay within its depths, shaping a viral monstrosity of unknown design and purpose.”

Add to that the idea that the various bodies creating this monster can communicate with one another in some eerie and alien way, and you pretty much get the worst zombies you can ever imagine.

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