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5th November 2010

The Phantom of Truth: Poetry and Fiction from Carcosa.


Available now from Atlantean Publishing, a collection of King in Yellow inspired fiction and poetry, including poems by Atlantean's editor DJ Tyrer and myself, and a Yellow Cross KIY story.

2nd November 2010

Out now, Title Goes Here Issue 5, featuring my cyberpunk story Asimov Unbound.

From the publisher:

Our feature story this time around is by Glynn Barrass. His story, “Asimov Unbound” was literally the very first submission ever received here at TGH, so my sincerest thanks to Glynn for waiting more than a year and a half to see it in print!

With a cover image based on my story, I don't mind!

Image 'Drillbit Sally,' by Jamie Marriage

25th October 2010

Ethereal Tales Issue 9, the Halloween Special released this week, features my story Centaurskin.

Trick or Treat!


23rd October 2010

Coming Soon, my first collection!

Cthulhu is Dead! (But Dreaming) is a chapbook collection from the good folks at Rainfall Books. As the title suggests, it features Cthulhu Mythos tales.

Cover art by Paul Watson.

9th September 2010

Dead Or Alive: Extreme Horror Collection, from Blood Bound Books, is released this month. This book is NOT for the faint of heart!

Features my story: Plague Hulk

The Lineup:

Kenneth Yu - Cherry Clubbing
Glynn Owen Barrass - Plague Hulk
Atris Ray III - Demons Lie
James L. Grant - To Be Filled in by the Subject
John McNee - Spiric Satisfied
R. Warren Smith - Good Girls
Alec Cizak - Saving Ralph
Robert Essig - Glutton for Punishment
Uri Grey - Daddy
Piper Morgan - Everyone Has Their Own Sound
Michael Bracken - Les Sperme Vampire
A.R. Braun - N.R.E.M. Sleep
Calie Voorhis - The Bogeyman's Key
Eric Dimbleby - Guys
Matthew Keville - In the Make-Out Room
StacY Bolli - My Dark Lover
Chris Reed - Sisters
Forrest Ingle - A Laxative for Writers Block 
Quinn Hernandez - Stoners and Saviors
Michael Cieslak - Digital Media
Adrian Ludens - Artistic Subject
Tonia Brown - Sickened
Shane McKenzie - Go to  Your Room
Edward R. Rosick - Cold Air
Chad McKee - Cena
KJ Moore - White Out
C.M. Saunders - The Devil & Jim Rosenthal
Craig Saunders - Caterpillar

19th August 2010

Coming soon from the French publisher Dreampress, the Tenenbres 2010 Annual Anthology. Featuring my story 'To Hell,' this is my first time translated into a foreign language. Cover art by the legendary Les Edwards!

27th July 2010

Coming soon, 'Full Throttle Space Tales: Space Horrors.' This trade paperback, edited by David Lee Summers, features my story 'The Walking Man.'

Here is the finalized cover art:


31st May 2010

Bllodbound Books has accepted my story Plague Hulk, for their collection D.O.A. an extreme horror collection.

Prepare for knee deep in death mayhem this September!

1st May 2010

Mayday, Mayday!

My latest print appearance, the competion winning flash fiction piece: S. Latitiude 47°9', W. Longitude 123°43, can be found in The Drabbler 16: Alien Architecture. This is my second winning entry to The Drabber competitions, woop!

13th March 2010

New poetry appearance this month. Ghostlight magazine, issue 2.1, the publication of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, includes my poem 'My Super Dead Ex Girlfriend.'

13th March 2010

Available this week from Rainfall Books, Lovecraft's Disciples 14, featuring my story about some very fishy goings on at a seaside resort, "What The Tide Brings." This is my tenth appearance in a Rainfall book, almost a baker's dozen (of tentacles!).

2nd Feb 2010

Another writing competition won! This is my second drabble to win a Sam's Dot Drabble Contest

Dear Glynn Barrass:

Sozar to you! Your drabble, "S. Latitude 47°9', W. Longitude l23°43'", has
been accepted for Issue 16, Alien Architecture.

The issue will be released around mid-March, so if your quadrants have
changed, please inform The Embassy at your earliest possible convenience!
Thank you again for your continued support of The Drabbler, and I look
forward to reading more of your work. If you have any ideas for themes,
please direct those to The Embassy as well.
Sincerely Yours,

The Boortean Ambassador to Haura

Terrie Leigh Relf

1st January 2010

I greet the New Year with this latest fiction appearance!

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction 31, features amongst other great stuff, my story, 'Nu-Topia: Before The Fall.' This story is a sequel to 'Nu-Topia,' published in the magazine M-Brane SF in June of this year.

From the publisher:

If you've had a good Christmas, it's about to get better! If you've had a bad one, here is its saving grace! Theaker's 31 is here for your pleasure! We've got eight terrific stories and nineteen reviews. We have fantasy from Zachary Jernigan and Heather Anastasiu, horror from Alex Smith and David M. Kinne, science fiction from Alison J. Littlewood, David Tallerman, Glynn Barrass and John Greenwood, though as ever these labels are applied somewhat loosely! The marvellous cover is by Howard Watts, while Douglas Ogurek and Rafe McGregor supply reviews.

Available to purchase here.