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25th Dec 2009

Review - King of Deadtown

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My first encounter with the softcover chapbooks of Dead Letter Press was a fairly good experience (see this), so when the opportunity arose to read another of their offerings I didn't hesitate. This time the book was The King of Deadtown by relatively new horror author Glynn Barrass.

In The King of Deadtown, Great Britain and the rest of the world succumb to a virus brought back to England's shores by soldiers returning from Iraq. One in five people is susceptible to the virus, which kills its victims and then reanimates them; that is, turns them into zombies. As the narrator and his family are about to make their escape, the narrator apparently succumbs to the virus and when he reawakens alone he is indeed a zombie. Well, that's not entirely true, for while he is a zombie physically his mental capacities are still decidedly human. How he handles his new predicament is the story that is told in the remainder of the book.

The first part of the book focuses on the narrator's discovery that he is a zombie and what this entails. Unlike his fellow undead, who appear to be the mindless flesh eaters we usually take them for, the narrator retains the mind of a living human and resists the degradations in which his mindless fellows indulge. In this way, Mr. Barrass raises a question about what exactly it is that makes us human. Mr. Barrass doesn't really answer the question but instead goes on to pose it in a different way by contrasting the feelings and actions of the narrator with those of two surviving humans who often forage in the area the narrator occupies. Their treatment of the zombies they encounter is horrific and leads the reader to seriously question who should be feared more: the zombie narrator or the ostensibly human monsters.

While not ultimately groundbreakingly original, Mr. Barrass's tale is nonetheless competently told and a solid, entertaining read. Additionally, the central role that questions about categories and stereotypes play in it elevates it above a mere well told story. If you like zombie fiction, I heartily recommend it. If you're not a zombie aficionado, you still might like it.

Rating: 7/10

The True First

The King of Deadtown was first published in May of 2008 by Dead Letter Press. It is limited to 150 signed copies.

[This review was based on a review copy]

12th Dec 2009

I have just sold a story to my first foreign market. My story 'To Hell,' will be translated into French and published in the book Ténèbres in the new year. The editor had this to say about my story:
I just finished reading "To Hell" and I enjoyed it tremenduously - its style reminds me of Barker's Books of Blood. It's exactly the kind of fiction I'm looking for for Ténèbres.
I'll be glad to welcome you in the 2010 edition of our annual anthology.
And don't hesitate to send me some other fiction to read for future projects.

26th Nov 2009

The Seventh Day The Yellow God Rests, a Yellow Cross/King in Yellow story is available to read in the latest issue of Monomyth, Volume 9.1, Issue 45.


Available to purchase from Atlantean Publishing.


8th November 2009

This month features my first appearance in an audiobook. My story: 'Back to the Ruins' beautifully read by the editor of Ethereal Tales, Teresa Ford.

I appear alongside nearly four hours of audio material, brilliant tales, brilliantly narrated, in the Ethereal Tales Audiobook!

8th November 2009

Out Now: Ethereal Tales Issue 5, featuring my short story "The Cottage,"

Beware! It is quite... visceral.

This is my fourth consecutive appearance in an issue of Ethereal Tales, with four stories and two poems!

Available from:

18th Oct 2009

Sonar4 Magazine Fall 2009 (Double Issue) is available now to buy from Amazon! This magazine features my story: "He Thinks Dark Thoughts," a tale of paranoia and psychological horror.

From the back cover: 'From some of the best science fiction and horror authors, we bring you this special double issue!'


9th August 2009

Available this week from Rainfall Books, Lovecraft's Disciples 14, featuring my story about some very fishy goings on at a seaside resort, "What The Tide Brings." This is my tenth appearance in a Ranfall book, almost a baker's dozen (of tentacles!).

28th July 2009

Out Now: Ethereal Tales Issue 4, featuring my poem 'To R____' and my short story about an incursion from the land of faery, 'Back to the Ruins.'
This is my third consecutive appearance in an issue of Ethereal Tales, with three stories and two poems!

Leon Atkinson illustrates for me this issue too with a beautiful painting.

Available from:

12th July 2009

Out now from Sonar4 Publishing: Sonar 4 Mag Summer 2009, featuring my story, "Hobb's Legacy," a dark and humorous tale about a man, his girl, a talking grisly bear, an animated ketchup satchet, and their plight to escape an invasion by zombies.


Stories by:

glynn barrass
john miller
Michael Griffiths
Scott Davis
graham fielding
Cassidy petrus
pavelle wesser
Kevin white

Featured author Interview of :

Jim Cherry

7th July 2009

Now available on and featuring a fancy new cover! New Voices in Horror Magazine Issue 4, (formerly NVF 4) featuring my story Blasphemous Ocean.

6th July 2009

Receiving rejection letters is all part and parcel of being a writer. They still suck though! Acceptance letters like the following make it all balance out:

RE: Fw: Story Submission: Asimov Unbound


Sent: 05 July 2009 23:25:59




Hello again Glynn –


 Thank you for submitting your story, “Asimov Unbound” to Title Goes Here: and for waiting all this time for a response.  I’m pleased to inform you that the response is that we would love to include this story in our magazine!


We began our final selection period by choosing our strongest pieces first and earmarking each to be featured as the lead story in an issue.  In this way, we make sure that our best stories are spread throughout the publication year, rather than cramming all of our favorites in the first issue or two and then moving on to weaker pieces as the year goes on.  Your story was an easy decision as one of these key pieces.


We have decided that “Asimov Unbound” would be excellent as the lead story in our first anniversary issue, which will be published on October 13, 2010

4th July 2009

Issue 6 of the magazine M-Brane SF has been released. It features my story 'Nu-Topia,' alongside many other excellent stories. It is available in print or to download:


Nina Demone

It's been out for a little while now, but for some reason I forgot to post the link! My winning entry to the competition: Alien Sex Secrets: What Your Alien Lover Wants You To Do In Bed, is in print in The Drabbler Special Edition 1, from SamsDotPublishing.

The story is a macabre and erotic tale I have called: Nina Demone.

24th June 2009

Out now from Atlantean Press: Bard Issue 77. This issue features my prose poem tribute to W.B. Yeats: Slouching Towards Carcosa. 

Bard is a flyer-style broadsheet of poetry that is released approximately monthly. If you would like a copy, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope (envelope and IRC or US$2 overseas) to the Atlantean Publishing address.

19th June 2009

The cover art has been released for my next fiction appearance. Issue 6 of the magazine M-Brane SF will feature my story 'Nu-Topia,' alongside many other excellent stories:

RICK NOVY: The Trouble With Truffles
DEREK J. GOODMAN: Rental Property
JASON HELLER: The Crackerjack Kids
KENT McDANIEL: Up on the Roof
A.R. YNGVE: Quadrillenium
MICHAEL D. GRIFFITHS: In Charge of my Demise
EDWARD RODOSEK: A Thorough Drill

15th June 2009

My friend Teresa Ford, the publisher and editor of the magazine Ethereal Tales, has produced video adverts for Issues One and Two, available to watch on utube:

Issue 1:

Issue 2:

Each video has narrated renditions of sneak previews from the magazines. Issue two includes a reading of the beginning of my story, 'Monsters,' read beautifully by my friend and colleague Michelle O'Connell.


21st May 2009

'Chilling tales meant to be read in the heart of a thunderstorm, after the power has gone out, by the light of a candle.'

Out now! Candlelight Volume II, an anthology of horror tales edited by Jonathan J Schlosser. This anthology features my story, 'To Hell.'

Click on the cover image to purchase.


1st May 2009

Tales of the Talisman Volume 4, Issue 4, is now on sale and features my story, 'Secret Lives of the Undead.' It is available from selected stockists in the USA and through the publishers website for 7 dollars (plus shipping). This is an expectionally well produced magazine and I'm very proud of this, my third appearance within its pages!

16th April 2009

Bound For Evil, an anthology that I am very pleased to be a part of, has been nominated for an award! It is the Shirley Jackson Award, in the Anthology category. Winners of this juried award will be announced at ReaderCon 20 on July 12. So congratulations to the editor and publisher Tom Engish!

12th April 2009

My short story 'The Revenge of the Deformer' will be available to read in issue 3 of Ethereal Tales, available to order at month's end both online and from selected stockists. Also, issue 3 will also feature my poetical tribute to H. P. Lovecraft: 'Stranger Aeons.' The poem will be illustrated by my friend Leon Atkinson. The poem, a sneak preview of the story, and the issue's other prose and art can be found here.

8th April 2009

Doctor Herbert West's Patented Pet Rejuvination Formula, a macabre little advert that I put together in tribute to old style comic book ad's, appears on the back cover of Thrilling Tales 4, published by Rainfall Books. Out now!!

11 March 2009

I've won a competition, (for writing of course!). I received this through the mail yesterday:

Under the auspices of Sam's Dot Publishing, The Boortean Embassy would like to thank you for submitting to the 14th Issue of The Drabbler: Alien Sex Secrets: What Your Alien Lover Wants You to Do In Bed.

Your story, "Nina Demone", has been accepted for publication.

Thank you for your support of the Drabble Contest!

3rd March 2009

Available for pre-order: New Voices in Fiction Issue 5, featuring an interview with author Glynn Barrass. Now I know I recognise that name from somewhere... The issue also includes stunning illustrations by Ward Grey and Stephen Blundell, creepy cartoon showcase, and the best in new horror, sci-fi/horror and dark fantasy.




Lumpen Bob The Bellyhead / Michael John Grist

The Ladys A Vamp / Andy Plotkin

Small Science / Dempsey Wilson

Idolatry / Brenton Tomlinson

In Libris Mort / John Paul Fitch

Ain’t Love Grand? / Austin Miller




Author Glynn Barrass

Body Of Lies actress Jennifer Rouse


Columns and essays:


The horror film as an art form?

Film review: Iron Dave’s retro rewind/Night Of The Creeps /1986

Book review: Just After Sunset/Stephen King

19th February 2009

Another appearance in another great issue of New Voices in Fiction! My story Blasphemous Ocean, appears in issue 4, the March-April edition of NVF Magazine, which will be available to purchase this week and on too.

2nd February 2009

Released today in paperback, Horror Mania! A collection horror and dark fiction.


The editor, David Byron has secretly spent almost eight months compiling this collection, with the stories having come from all over the globe; England, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Scotland, Japan, and, of course, the good old USA.


With special guests:


Glynn Barrass, Matt Spencer, Paul Leland, Angelique Armstrong, K.K., CF Baldwin, Mark Edward Hall, Daren Metzler, Simon Edwin King, Ron Ebner, Mason Gallaway, Dev Jarrett, Robin Dover, & Iron Dave.


50 percent of the proceeds from this book go to a very worthy charity Patchwork: A Domestic Abuse Awareness Project.

1st February 2009

Out today in paperback and featuring my Sci-Fi/Fantasy story Afterlife. New Voices in Fiction Magazine Issue 3.1 is available to order from Turner Maxwell Books.

15th January 2009

Out now: Tales of the Talisman Volume 4 Issue 3, featuring my poem 'A Devil in the Folds.' This is my second appearance in Talisman, with another to come this year.

9th January 2009

My short tale 'Monsters,' will be available to read in issue 2 of Ethereal Tales, available next week to order both online and from selected stockists. A sneak preview of Monsters and the issue's other prose and art can be found here.

Cover image by Daevid Ford

1st January 2009

Issue Two of Crossed Genres: The Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy With a Twist, is available to read online and features my Cthulhu Mythos/Cyberpunk tale 'Cali.' It also features fiction by Marilou Goodwin, Marie Robertson and Jo Thomas, nonfiction by Loni Ice and more!

The cover "Birds," is beautifully illustrated by Rustam Shaihlislam.

It is also available as a Limited Print Edition.

Cover Copyright 2009 Rustam Shaihlislam.

18th Dec 2008

My poem, Pallid Apocalypse is now available in Issue 44 Volume 8.2 of Monomyth, published By Atlantean Publishing. Copies can be purchased for £2.75 (UK); £4 Sterling/US $8/ Euro 8 (overseas) enclosed in a SSAE/IRC From:

D J Tyrer, 38 Pierrot Steps, 71 Kursall Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UY, UK

Cover illustration by Ian Brown.

9th Dec 2008

My poem, Christmas in R'lyeh, is now in print in Issue 35 of Garbaj, The Humour and Satire Magazine, published By Atlantean Publishing. 

Copies can be purchased for 50p enclosed in a SSAE/IRC From: 

D J Tyrer, 38 Pierrot Steps, 71 Kursall Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UY, UK


30th October 2008

Candlelight: A Dark Anthology of the Supernatural is out now, featuring my story, 'Doctor Afzal,' a dimension travelling tale of horror, the supernatural, and a little bit of humor too!

22nd June 2008

My poem, Christmas in R'lyeh, a comedy piece about what Great Cthulhu ended up doing after 'accidently' killing Santa Claus, will be appearing in print in the Christmas issue of the magazine Garbaj.


Published by Atlantean Publishing


NOEL! (in advance)

8th May 2008

My first published novella, The King of Deadtown, is on sale this month from Dead Letter Press. You can read more about it on the official website here:


From the publisher's blog:

Glynn Barrass puts a brilliant spin on the zombie genre in his new novella, The King of Deadtown. This saddle-stitched softcover chapbook is being released in an edition limited to 150 signed copies (in an illustrated envelope).
Cover illustration by World Fantasy Award-winning illustrator Allen Koszowski.

4th May 2008

Available now as a free download is a special 22 page PDF taster issue of Murky Depths featuring my poem Zombie Diva.

It can be dowloaded here:  (4.5 MB medium resolution PDF File).

1st April 2008

My collaboration with Ron Shiflet: 'A Man Called West' appears in this month's issue of E'ch Pi El: Chilling Tales of The Cthulhu Mythos.

29th February 2008

On Sale Now!

Bound For Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad

Eight hundred pages, Sixty-six stories by internationally acclaimed writers, containing over 2 dozen illustrations by World Fantasy Award-winner Allen Koszowski. Deluxe smythe sewn hardcover, bound in black imitation leather, and stamped in gold leaf, this book, featuring my story, 'Fahrenheit Clark Ashton,' is now on sale.

Not only beautiful to look upon, the contents include stories by such luminaries as Ramsey Campbell, Rhys Hughes, H. P. Lovecraft, Fred Chappell and Jeffrey Thomas.

27th February 2008

Murky Depths 3 has just hit the stands! With an awesome cover (and contents to boot), Zombie Diva can be found on page 75.

7th February 2008

Dr Herbert West’s Patented Parent Rejuvenation Formula, a macabre magazine ad I put together, now graces the back cover of Thrilling Tales 3,  released this month by Rainfall Books.

1st January 2008

Out now from Rainfall Books, the premier issue of the magazine 'Startling Space Stories' featuring my sci-fi comedy tale 'Dr Eldritchlove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Great Old Ones'.

1st December 2007

A story I wrote in collaboration with Ron Shiflet: 'A Man Called West' will be appearing soon in E'ch Pi El: Chilling Tales of The Cthulhu Mythos. This is my seventh appearance from Rainfall Books, and my 31st story placement/sale since I started writing.

8th November 2007

Strange Sorcery Issue 5, featuring the story 'The Doom of Merik the Black' by myself and Steve Lines, is now on sale from Rainfall Books!

25th September 2007

My latest fiction release, the story 'Consumed' can be found in this month's issue of Tales of the Talisman, issue 3.2.

1st September 2007

I have two releases from Rainfall Books this September. My story 'The Inheritance' appearing in 'Lovecraft's Disciples' issue 9 and two stories in 'The Yellow Sign' issue 2, 'Limited Edition' and 'Beyond The Pale'

20th August 2007

Yog's Notebook is now on sale featuring my poem 'The Necronomicon Cookbook'.

1st August 2007

'Thrilling Tales of Fantastic Adventure'  issue 2, featuring the story 'The Blasphemous Ocean' by myself and Steve Lines and 'Lovecraft's Disciples' 8 featuring an alternate version of my poem 'The Necronomicon Cookbook' are now on sale from Rainfall Books!

1st March 2007

Available from Rainfall Books, my chapbook: 'A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography and Checklist' illustrated by Leon Atkinson with an awesome cover by Steve Lines.

From the website: 

An Indispensable bibliography and checklist for all readers of the writings of H. P. Lovecraft and the ever expanding Cthulhu Mythos. This book catalogues all the important works by and about H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.

This revised third edition is separated into five sections:

Works by H. P. Lovecraft
Anthologies & Author Collections
Non-Fiction Essays