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Hello and welcome to my web-page, here you will find information about my writing and editing projects. Below you can read the most recent news regarding my fiction appearances.

I began my writing career in late 2006, my inspirations being the writer H.P. Lovecraft and other weird fiction authors. My major writing output is Cthulhu Mythos fiction, horror, cyberpunk and some fantasy. I have written over 180 stories and 18 roleplaying game scenarios, published in the UK, the USA, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, and Spain. As well as writing, I edit fiction anthologies and write material for the Call of Cthulhu role playing game. I can be contacted by email at

24th October 2021

The Beyond. Stories Inspired By The Lucio Fulci Death Trilogy!

This book features an all new Cassandra Bane detective story: ‘Terror at the Harriet Kingston Motel”

Available as paperback, hardcover, and in bundle with the compilation cd.

From the publisher:

This is the second volume by Eighth Tower Publications, in a series of anthologies revolving around genre writers and artists who set the parameters and frameworks of the kind of tales that we prefer to read (the first volume was dedicated to HP Lovecraft). Here you will find another varied selection of interpretations inspired by the Gates of Hell film trilogy by the Italian legendary director Lucio Fulci.

Stories by: B. E. Dantalion, Glynn Owen Barras, Sarah Walker, John Edwin Buja, Richard Alan Scott, Andrew Coulthard, John Chadwick, David Voyles, Michael Housel, David Agranoff, Anthony Trevino, Nora B. Peevy. Illustrations by John Chadwick

Book and CD




Also available in bundle with the first volume of the dark series "The Black Stone. Stories For Lovecraftian Summonings"

9th October 2021

My entry to this year's Octobernomicon, an entity from Mexican folklore written up for Call of Cthulhu.

“The strangest of all the phantasms described is, perhaps, the Yohualtepoztli, literally, ” the night hatchet or axe.” It manifested itself by causing loud intermittent sounds resembling those produced by the blows of an axe in splitting wood. These ominous sounds were audible at dead of night in the mountains, and inspired terror, for they were said to be illusions produced by Tezcatlipoca in order to frighten and mock those who were out in the dark.” .

– Zelia Nuttall, A Note on Ancient Mexican Folk-Lore

Yohualtepoztli art by saptarahita

26th September 2021

A Time to Harvest
Death and Discovery in the Vermont Hills!
So thrilled to see this released! Written by Brian M. Sammons and myself, with Mike Mason and Lynne Hardy.
In 1929, a student died during an expedition in the Vermont Hills. One year later, the Miskatonic University sent another team on the same expedition…
It's time to harvest.
Set in the picturesque state of Vermont at the beginning of the 1930s, A Time to Harvest is a six part campaign, compatible with both Call of Cthulhu and Pulp Cthulhu rules.
First released as a six-scenario Organized Play series that Chaosium ran as part of its Cult of Chaos organised play program in 2016, A Time to Harvest is available now for the first time in a complete and updated tome.
A Time to Harvest is also available in PDF at DriveThruRPG.

22nd September 2021

I'm very proud to announce my next fiction appearance, in the Japanese language magazine Nightland Quarterly, vol 26.
A pagan-themed issue, it includes the Japanese translation of my story set in Roman Britain: "Everything Ends at Raven's Rock."
Horror & dark fantasy magazine "Nightland Quarterly" for visionaries.
Includes fiction by Seabury Quinn, Gustav Meyrink, Lisa Hannett, Peter Rawlik, Junko Mase, and Yuji Shio. In addition, it's full of essays, book guides, etc., including an interview with Nobuaki Takerube.

31st August 2021

I'm so thrilled about my next fiction appearance! My story "Earth Mother," will be appearing in Dreaming the Goddess, edited by Karen Dales. All the stories in this anthology are about different Goddesses from around the world. It will hopefully be available by Hallowe'en. Pre-order details soon.
Cover Art by Mary Ancilla Martinez

16th May 2021

I am very proud my story “The Blind King of Bythesea Manor” appears in this anthology.

Y: A Stygian Fox anthology concerning the terrifying King in Yellow.

Edited by Simon Brake. Stories by Glynn Owen Barrass, Alison Cybe, Adam Gauntlett, Helen Gould, John Linwood Grant, Orrin Grey, and Tom Pleasant.

The King in Yellow was unleashed upon the world at the end of the nineteenth century. In the real world Robert W. Chambers wrote the book of short stories, published in 1895, whilst according to that work of fiction an unknown author had a maddening play of the same name published that same year. What then ultimately is the King in Yellow, the king whom emperors have served, who has no love for the fancy trappings of crowns and fine robes, instead remaining hidden behind a pale mask and tattered robes?

Here are seven new short stories, seven authors taking the opportunity to set the stage according to their own vision and bringing to life terrible nightmares that hint at the terrible darkness that lurks behind the mask that is not a mask.

Quiet now, for the show is about to begin...

8th May 2021

My latest fiction appearance! I am very proud my story “The Innsmouth Girl” appears in this anthology.

N: A Stygian Fox Anthology Concerning the Outer God Nyarlathotep.

Edited by Simon Brake,  with work by Glynn Owen Barrass, Tim Curran, Adam Gauntlett, John Linwood Grant, John Houlihan, Eyglo Karlsdottir, Jo Kreil, Jeffrey Thomas and Rhian Waller.


4th May 2021

Darkness in the Void - A Sci-Fi Call of Cthulhu Scenario Set on an Alien World

My latest Call of Cthulhu scenario!

Darkness in the Void

Set in the near future, Darkness in the Void is a short scenario for use with 7th edition Call of Cthulhu™. This scenario is suitable for three to six players and can be completed in two nights. Humanity has explored much of the Solar System and has now set its sights on the mysteries that lie beyond.

26th March 2021

I am proud to announce my latest fiction appearance!

"The Black Stone. Stories For Lovecraftian Summonings," is a book of 27 stories inspired to the cosmic horror in the Lovecraft's narrative. It is published by Eight Tower Records, and edited by Raffaele Pezzella. The book also includes an accompanying music CD!

It features my story “Jonathan Nash,” a mystery tale of the Cthulhu Mythos.

From the publisher:

I'm extremely glad and excited to share with you the FIRST BOOK PUBLICATION FROM EIGHTH TOWER.

After the cd compilation tribute to H.P. Lovecraft,  I curated "The Black Stone. Stories For Lovecraftian Summonings", a book of 27 stories inspired by the cosmic horror in Lovecraft's narrative.

I'm honored that many of the best international dark fiction writers participated in the project. To all of you my infinite gratitude:

Ramsey Campbell, Brian M. Sammons, Glynn Owen Barrass, Lucy A. Snyder, Elizabeth Black, Chris Kelso, Andrew Coulthard, Stephen Mark Rainey, Kevin Lewis, Richard Alan Scott, Russell Smeaton, John Buja, Brent Millis, David Agranoff, Pete Rawlik, Brian C. Short, Michael Housel, John Chadwick, David Voyles, Konstantine Paradias, Edward Morris, Parry Milton, Phil Breach, Garrett Cook, Andrew Freudenberg, Love Kölle, Sarah Walker.

To curate this anthology was an exciting and meaningful experience on both the cultural and human sides. I'm honored to have you among my friends and hope we'll have many other projects like this together over time.

The book is available on the main Amazon platforms in both paper and Kindle formats:

Or in bundle with the cd music compilation via Bandcamp:

5th February 2021

This magazine was actually released in 2017! I just discovered that now however.

Strange Detective Stories #7, featuring "Redemption," a story by myself and Ron Shiflet.

Published by Rainfall Books - the most prolific publisher of weird fiction of the modern age.

30th January 2021

Lovecraftiana: The Magazine of Eldritch Horror. Candlemas 2020 by Rogue Planet Press

Featuring my story “Acceleratrix.”

Cthulhuvian thrills from the latter day heirs of the Lovecraftian legacy!

Featuring stories, poetry and art by:

Josef Desade

Oliver Smith

Francis Erdman

Glynn Owen Barrass

David A Riley

Matthew Stern

G Large

Bryn Fortey

Matt Spencer

Dean Wirth

Steven J. Alvarez

Matthew Wilson

Michael Balleti

James Toeken

24th January 2021

Flashing Swords! 6

Get out your trusty broadsword and your masculinity, and return with us to the glory days of old-time Sword & Sorcery fiction. Sure, it's not "fine literature," but, faced with a giant snake or an evil wizard, who'd you rather have at your side: the Great Gatsby or Conan the Cimmerian? This anthology, a revival of Lin Carter's celebrated Flashing Swords! series, sets forth new adventures of worthies including Thongor of Lemuria, Varla of Valkarth, Elak of Atlantis, the mighty Hercules, and others. You'll thrill to the exploits and to the inspired writing, worthy of the Nemedian Chronicles!

Our authors include Lin Carter, Pierre Comtois, Glenn Owen Barrass, Steve Lines, Robert M. Price, Glenn Usher, and others -- plus a Graphic Novella by Clayton Hinkle featuring Tonga of Lost Lemuria.

The first edition of this anthology was retracted and never properly released. This is a new, thoroughly reworked edition from a new publisher -- and of course much, much better!


"Flashing Words" Introduction by Robert M. Price

"A Prince of Mars" by Lin Carter & Robert M. Price

"Curse of the White Witch" by Wayne Judge

"Bellico and the Tower of Mouths" by Richard Toogood

"Immortals of Lemuria" by Robert M. Price

"The Vanishing Conjurer" by Glynn Owen Barrass

"World of the Black Sun" by Pierre V. Comtois

"Boscastle and the Swamp Enchantress" by Jason Ross Cummings

"Varla and the Mad Magician" by Steve Lines & Glen M. Usher

"Hercules versus the Cyclops" by Santiago del Dardano Turann

"Tonga of Lemuria" by Clayton L. Hinkle



1st January 2021

Lovecraftiana: The Magazine of Eldritch Horror (4 book series), from Rogue Planet Press.

Fiction, poetry and art, the complete run of Lovecraftiana magazine from 2016 to 2020 is now available from Amazon in four volumes.

A bargain at $5.20/£3.84 for all the Kindle editions!

Volume 4 (2019-20) features my story “Eternity,” a tale of snowbound horror inspired by The Donner Party event and H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness.”

Another knuckle-whitening rollercoaster ride of thrills from the latter day heirs of the Lovecraftian legacy.